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Jimi Mistry confirms his place on the Strictly Come Dancing Tour 2011 in BBC Asian Network

Speaking to Tommy Sandhu on the BBC Asian Network he exclusively revealed that he was going to be on the tour.
JM: 'It's quite intense what we were doing. It's changed me. Think I've got to keep hold of that and keep going.'
JM: 'You'll be the first person to hear this, it's a little Tommy exclusive. I'm actually going on the tour, I'm actually gonna be doing the Strictly tour, which starts I think just after Christmas, so we're going all over the country for a month or so and taking the show on the road. I'm really looking forward to it – it will keep me active, keep me fit, keep me focused for another period of time.

Jimi Mistry and Flavia Cacace (Dance: Quickstep)

TS: Does that mean we're going to get that Bollywood routine?
You may well get it, you may well get it. Jimi's not dead as far as Strictly is concerned. You may well get it on that tour that's right.
Speaking of his shock exit, Mistry spoke of his disappointment, but tried to put a positive spin on it
TS: How do you feel (about the weekend's exit?)
JM: 'Erm, I'm just coming to terms with the fact that that's the case and trying to look forward. For the last couple of days, me and Flavia have been just sitting there thinking how did it happen. Everything for us seem to be going according to the Strictly plan'
JM: 'All of a sudden, you find yourself at the bottom and you're like, how did that happen?'
TS: 'Do you feel robbed?'
JM: 'I suppose so yeah. I don't feel like it's justified. It's a situation like this when you pick yourself up and move on'
JM: "We did go out on a high, that's a great thing.  It's better to do that, than outstay your welcome or make a fool of yourself. The sadness is that I think we we're gonna do a lot better as well.'
Jimi and Flavia were also planning a Bollywood inspired routine. 
JM: 'We even had a Bollywood-esque style number coming up and everything.'
Flavia added " I couldn’t wait to be taught a few moves by Jimi, it's sad we didn't get to perform it"
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