Jati Cheed Debut Album called ‘Square One’

Jati Cheed is a British Asian artist from the Midlands. He is a talented vocalist who has been trained by Meena Kumari in classical Indian music since the age of 15. His musical skills include an expansive and versatile vocal range as well as an ability to play the keyboard, which he has been playing since the age of 10. Jati Cheed first performed live as the vocalist of a band named Aaj Kal De Mundeh.

His sound incorporates his experiences as a British Asian. He’s passionate about Panjabi culture and a fan of mainstream English as well. Jati effortlessly combines both east and west influences. Jati Cheed is currently working on his album which is scheduled to be released later this year. Jati’s songs range from ballads to dance floor hits and showcase this talented artist’s vocal range.

Jati Cheed released his debut album called ‘Square One’ on 31st January . The album contains 8 tracks featuring a variety of  well known artists and producers. Such as Shin DCS, Dipps Bhamrah, GV, Bee2, DJ Dips and Jeeti productions.

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