Jags Klimax has propelled himself to the top of the Asian Music scene in the last year having released a smash hit album featuring the biggest names in Bhangra and an EP titled "The Bollywood Project" containing the best Bollywood has to offer.

Jags Klimax has shown that he can create and fuse a variety of genres at the highest caliber.

To add to this, Jags Klimax has been recognized by the masses as one of the best Asian Dj’s, gracing the decks weekly at the well renowned Works Nightclub, Kingston Upon Thames and also his new monthly residency at Finesse Liquid & Envy, Leicester.. 

Can it get any bigger or better? Our answer is HELL YEAH! Jags Klimax is back to launch a project to raise peoples interest once again to another level. We give you JAGSKLIMAX.TV a show that will give you a real insight into the Asian music scene & student life across the UK.

With Ballistic Productions giving a professional hand to the project, watch out for this new creative and visually enhanced Asian Music show to hit your screens on the World Wide Web.

We hear you ask; what’s the big deal? JAGSKLIMAX.TV is all about showcasing and exposing new and up and coming talent as well as present figures from the music scene, with exclusive interviews with the biggest artists and students alike.

Besides this Jags Klimax will also be touching down in a new city every month and interacting with people on the street and asking what they think about Asian music and Asian culture. Also watch out for the ‘Student Digs’ feature where Jags Klimax will be checking out hall of residence from universities around the country.


Keep your eyes and ears peeled every month for the latest on WWW.JAGSKLIMAX.TV