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Jags Klimax The Album

JAGS KLIMAX – Official Punjab2000 Interview

1) Jags you’re relatively new in the industry so, for those who have been living on the back of a motorbike with a fit girl ;)being the driver, who are you, and what do you do?


My name is Jags Klimax and I am (yet another!!… dj/ music producer based in London, UK. I have just released an album called Jags Klimax – The Album. Check it out and I hope you enjoy it.

2) You used to be a club promoter as well right? You used to do Shake It Up with the Dreem Teen (from Kiss FM / Radio 1), so how did that happen, that hook up that is between you & the Dreem Teem?

After finishing my A-levels I had a choice of either going to uni, getting a mind numbing 9 to 5 or I could try my hardest to do something productive and do something with my life that I enjoyed. The Type of guy that I am, I have the thought that in life you should go out and do what ever you feel, within reason of course!! I could walk out my house and get run down by a bus and where would that leave me hey.. You never know what the big man upstairs has in store for any of us. So I chose the path of trying to do something else with my life and not the uni or 9 to 5 thing. I have always been into music and I had been dj ing for a couple of years by now and realized that this was the path I wanted to follow.. But as a nobody I was not getting bookings to earn a living or pay my way so started to promote small gigs..

 I remember one of the first gigs I ever did, me, my brothers PD and Manni got together and I remember saying I got a parking ticket and need to raise some money.. so put a gig on and raised some cash as the event went well.. then It just went on from there. Garage was the in thing back then and I just got in with the right people at the right time. We used to manage a lot of the booking for the Dreem Team and they where our residents along side the Heartless Crew for every event (Big up Rahul, Peter, Lloyd and PD “once again”…the Shake It Up! Team) We had a resedancy every month at the famous Hammersmith Palais with this event and it was rammed each and every time. At least 2500 ravers without fail. I remember the que going on for, what seemed like, an eternity! I had some of the best times of my life doing that event and I will never forget it.
Plus it put a few pennies in my empty pocket which was the main thing I guess…Laughing

3) How did you first step into the industry? And who was your inspiration for doing so?

Well as I explained in the question before that’s how I got into the promoting world, with regards to me being a dj, that’s another story all together…..
As a kid and being into dj ing, I used to go to gigs with cousin Manni. Back then he was a RnB dj on the student gig circuit as used to play out near enough everyday at a different gig. He used to take me with him and let me take over from him, and that was how I got noticed. It was funny because I was on about 15 or 16 and we used to have to sneek me into the clubs just so I could get in and dj…
My inspiration for doing so has just simply got to be that I love music and I love to dj, its as simple as that!!

With regards to producing, a good friend of mine dj redcap who is a dnb producer got me started. I used to sit in with him on sessions and I got into making beats from there. He went with me to get my sampler and my Atari and it started from there. I remember calling him up at all hours of the night asking him how to do this and how to do that…sorry bro!! and I have not stopped learning from there..

4) From there… How did the deal with VIP Records come along?

This came along via few things… I handed out a promo of my Heer track to Ominous Dj’s last summer. They had a gig at Bradford Mela (I think?) and they met up with Nihal (BBC Radio 1) they offered him a lift home and on the way back Dips (Ominous) had my track on in the car all the way home (from what I heard) and Nihal was feeling the track and so I hooked up with him the next day with Dips and him and Bobby Friction helped me promote my music, I cant thank them guys enough. I remember Nihal phoning me up and telling me what an amazing response the track was having on radio and that he could help me with trying to get my album signed to a record label, as at the time no one was giving me the time of day. Nihal Then hooked me up with Vips at VIP Records and the rest is history.. Now that’s what you call fate…
5) What was your biggest obstacle in getting a deal?

The hardest thing was the people at the record labels taking you seriously but I was lucky enough that VIP Records did and had faith in me and my album.
6) What is the term "The London Clique of DJs" and you’re said to be part of it?

I have never herd of this before… so I cant be apart of something I have not heard of…sorry. You sure that’s just not something you have made up Vixy!?….lol :P

7) You’ve been/are a Club DJ also, which track in particular gets the crowds going? (If any lol).

There are so many to choose from. But at the moment I am very luck to say that Heer, Aaj tenu nachna pao, Billian akhaan, Chakley Sohneya Yaara and Punjabi mundeh paun bhangra from my album seem to be a very good floor filler right now everywhere that I play out.

8) What’s been your best/worst gig?

I remember the worst gig I did. It was about a few years ago and I got booked to dj at a gig which happened to land on Diwali. The gig was totally DEAD!! And I mean DEAD. But they did not end the night early and so had to dj for just the security team and the bar staff.
I have been lucky enough to play at a lot of great gigs so that is a very hard one to give and answer to.

9) Your debut release, ‘The Album’, tell us the background to it? And how did the name come about? lol What about the name Klimax as well?? What’s the story behind that? Were you a popular person with the Ladies?

The name of the album, its just short and simple and I guess straight to the point. Names for albums to me are not that important its what is on the album that’s important, don’t you think? And Klimax is just a nick name I have had from my mate for ages that’s all.. I will leave the ladies man bit to your very own Tony and VJ!! Look the word playboy up and you will see a pic of Tony and VJ!!!…lolTongue out

10) Your video for ‘Heer’ is a great looker, but people have been asking, ‘What the hell has the video got to do with the song?’ Or are we missing something?

Does a video have to have anything to do with the song..? A music video is a visual form of entertainment and I hope it visually entertained along with my music. The story line was ment to show the mission I went on to get my album signed, nothing to interesting, just simple… But its still not about the video its all about the music, that the main thing you would like people to take notice of.

11) Why did you go all the way to Thailand to shoot the video? When you could have possibly done two videos for that price in the UK?

Why not, its something we, as a team decided to do and we did it. It was good to take a chance and try something new and I just hope people enjoyed it.

12) On ‘The Album’, you’ve worked with a range of great vocalists such as , Sarbjit Kaur, Lembher Hussainpuri, and Kaka Bhaniawala. What experience did you gain from working with such artists, on your debut album?

Making music and learning about music is an on going experience. I am constantly learning on a day to day bases. Working with such great singers was a great experience and helped me gain respect form them once they had herd the finished products.
13) Your album experienced the Standard Delays (And more) what was the reason for such a long winded release?

We had a couple of set backs. One of the main set backs was with duplication but the main thing is the album is out for all to enjoy and dance to.

14) The Tracks “Habibi, By Taz, and ‘Rafta Rafta By Sonu Nigam, and “Mohabbat By Sunidhi Chauhan, were all removed from the album, and Kaka’s Chakley Sohniya Yaara was added in place. What’s the reason behind these changes?

The tracks will be relased on an EP which I will be relesing soon. Its more of a bollywood/hindi EP but there will be 2 Desi tracks featuring on there too, for all them desi heads out there.

15) Also what happen with the Surinder Shinda’s Track? We heard there was a problem, while it was getting mastered & the track got cut in half? How does that make you feel?

It did get cut very short, this was due to a fault with the duplication not the mastering. This is only on the first 2000 prints of the album, every other album which was sold and released will have the full version. From what I understand VIP Records will soon be uploading the track on there website & Punjab2000 for a free download to correct this mistake… many many apologies.

16) Kam Frantic, How much did he charge? Lol. On a serious note, your album has had continuous questions as to the ‘Frantication’ of it. Was Frantic used at all through production? If so, what for?

As many people know Kam Frantic is a very very talented musician and has an amazing musical mind. To me Kam is my music teacher and someone I look up to very much not only on a learning level but on a personal level. He has taught me a hell of a lot and has helped guide me thought many stages of my musical work.

17) Along the same sort of lines as the above question, your late addition to the album, Chakley Sohneya Yaara, has a distinct ‘Jeeti’ flava to it. Was this track ready and waiting to be added, or was It a mad rush to get a song done to fill in for the tracks removed?

The vocal was one I had for a couple of years and I had planned to use it on my next album but because of the tracks i took of the album i replaced it with the Kaka track which seemed to have worked well.

18) How did you come across Kaka Bhaniawala, did you record his vocals?

The same way I came across any other of the singers I used on the album….alot of phone calls!!

19) What feedback have you had from the album so far?

To be honest the feed back I have got has been overwhelming! I would never of thought so many people would love and enjoy the music I was, and am making.

20) Which album has impressed you In 2006/2007? And which album are you looking forward to in the remaining 6 months of this year?

I love all music and make a big effort to go out buy whatever is out there as your boy Tony will tell you. Whenever I'm at his shop it gets raided!! Im looking forward to the new chemical brothers album so just waiting for that to come out.

21) (A standard Vixy Interview Question :)) Jags Klimax, how do you get a track? Do the record label give you a certain number of tracks, and tell you to go away and do your thing, or do you source the track yourself by going to a song writer and tell them you want “This type of song”, and then get a singer to sing it?.

There are many ways to get a track, many of the tracks on my album where made in the following stage..
• Thoughts/idea for a song
• Compose composition for song
• Write song to composition made
• Hunt down/search for the singer you want to sing the song
• Get singer in the studio to sing the song the way you want them to sing it
• Go away and make music for the song
• Finished product

Also there are many people with vocals for sale. Other producers who have vocals that they are not using so want to sell them. Someone’s rubbish could be someone else’s treasure!!

22) What do you feel is different about YOUR album, compared to the other material in the industry today?

My album is just another album available for people to enjoy, listen and dance to. Of course I have tried to make it different in a way that people will enjoy all the album and not just have one main track and that’s it. Im just another guy just trying to make music and play out music for all to enjoy.

23) How far would you agree/disagree with the point that ‘DJ’s are ruining the industry, Bring back live bands’?

We all contribute in our own way, no one runs anything. We are all just doing our thing and are shearing our music with all. Dj’s are different to bands and vice versa. Its whatever people like I guess.

24) Is there any truth to the rumor that you are working on Des-C’s album? Is this true? If so, any exclusive news for

Ask Des-C!……..Lol. But one thing I can say, he has a very good album which should be out real soon. Watch this space!

25) What’s your thoughts on the state of the music industry as a whole, inc downloading illegal & CD-R piracy

To be honest I don’t think I have got enough space on this computer to go into this but I think we all know what it doing to our industry. If your reading this interview and you love bhangra music and want more good music to listen to please do not illegally download or buy bootleg copies of any album!!

26) Jags, we’ve been hearing of some kind of beef going on, from the new Desi Version of So Solid Crew against you & a few other people in the Industry. You have been dubbed as a ‘Fake Artist’, and by fake artists, it means ‘Heres Your Money Dude, send me it when done’, And if you say you haven’t met Frantic… There’s always Western Union Money Transfer ;). These artistes have not even been in the scene for that long themselves? A few years maybe at the most between them, what do you think of this?

Lol…to be honest I don’t think anything.. lets just say it takes one sort of a MAN to have proof and to talk fact to someones face… but takes an idiot to talk fiction with no proof behind a MANS back.

27) Dipps Bhamrah from the BBC Asian Network & our very own porn star Tony of Punjab2000, have gone on record, to say they were taken back by such humbleness from you & called you a breath of fresh air into the industry , and something that is needed more. How do feel about that?

As I always say, im nothing special. Im just another guy just doing his thing. I love my music, I love making music and I love to dj, that’s all there is to it. For anyone to say nice things about you is a nice feeling but im just myself and try my best to get on with everyone and have a laugh.

28) Also because of the politics (If you want to call it that) between certain UK Asian Labels with the PRS & the BBC, your tracks have been withdrawn from the play list of ALL THE BBC stations up & down the country, how does that feel? As a new comer with a debut album out In the Bhangra market which has we already have touched upon seems to be a ever shrinking market, would you not feel that you have been done over?

Maybe yes but as you said before, its all politics. And that’s something your going to have to talk to my record label about or the BBC.

29) You have a residency at the Works night club In Kingston every Monday night, are you the Only Bhangra DJ there or is it just you?

Im the only bhangra dj there and it is a wicked night. It been voted the best student night in the UK and we get an average of 2000 people a week. The vibe is like no other and the people are all there to have a good time. If you have not been you need to check it out.

30) Where from here? You have a very successful debut album out there, so what’s next?

Im just putting the finishing touches to my EP which should be out soon and working on projects for other artist that I cant wait for people to hear.

31) How do feel when people compare you to Sean Paul simply because of your image?

Lol.. I can take a joke.

32) You’ve also done some charity work for Barnardo's, the children’s charity, but is something that is not well know? Why do you not make more of point on mentioning that?

There is no need, I do many things for charity but I do it because I want to and for no other reason.

33) How long have you had this image for? Because looking at the picture section on P2K, I spotted you in a few pics @ the Desi Divas gig, back in 2005 & the Sukshinder Shinda Shoulder Surf Video shoot in 2006.

For many years…how boring! lolWink

34) You were the DJ in the Shoulder Surf video for Sukshinder Shinda.
How & where did that hook up come from?

Big shout to Shinda Paji and the rest of the team for having me feature on the shoulder surf video. I was asked to do it as many people know me as a dj and I was more then happy to do it.

35) What was the experience like & was that your first video?

It was a good laugh as the video was shot by Ballistic and they are a great bunch of guys. And no that was not the first video I have asked to be in.

36) As a popular Club & wedding DJ, you mush be earning a little bit of reddies, so why do you still use the old telephone earpiece for?

Its sounds good and looks different. Something for people to remember me by.

37) What would you say to any budding DJ’s Producers, Musicians out there?

Just have faith and don’t stop. Just take a look at me, I am a bedroom dj and a bedroom producer just like anyone else. Im still nothing big but from being no one to having a track out there getting played on radio and TV just shows that anyone can do it if they put there mind to it. You will have many set back but you just got to learn from them and keep going and if the music you are making is good or your dj skills are good you will get noticed and appreciated.

Now its time for questions from the Chachi’s, Massar’s and Pua Ji’s, aka members of the Punjab2000 Forum. (

Folk Magic Asks…
38) Can you really speak Malay/Thai (or whatever that language was)?

Lol.. no just learnt the lines for the video.
39) Did that girl in the video have a number that she can share with the lads? ;)

40) Have you really ever got into the wrong car by accident?

41) I heard that a full version of the Surinder Shinda tune is going to be released…where and how can we gets it

It should be available on the VIP & Punjab2000 website real soon. It's also on my new batch of CD's

Anil1 Asks…
42) Kam Frantic obviously taught you about music etc. Why did u approach him/him approach you and what is different about him to the likes of Sukshinder Shinda, Aman Hayer, Sanj, Jeeti etc

He was someone I met up with through people and we got on well and the main thing is he was willing to teach me which I am very thankful for.

43) Are you a Bhangra dj or bit of everything?

Im a bhangra dj and that’s what I mainly get booked for, but can play bits of everything
44) Why did u produce Bhangra music and not mainstream music?

Bhangra music is our own mainstream, so in my eyes I am producing mainstream music.

DaBoss Asks…
45) How did you get the likes of Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan on the album??
Cos these are big Bollywood singers & they don't really need to be on a UK Bhangra album.

With great difficulty!! And a lot of convincing.. But im lucky that my music impressed them and I let that do the talking.

46) Also give us the real answer for the name "Jags Klimax"

It’s a name I have had for ages.

Ayesha22 Asks..
47) Why did he choose to do an Arabic style and Hindi song?

Not on this album I have not, but have on my EP so watch this space.

48) Does he honestly believe his album sounds 'fresh' as in my opinion it sounds quite old and recycled excluding Heer.

Im just doing my thing, if people like it great, if they don’t not to worry. As I have said many times before my album is like marmite… you either love it or hate it!

Kamlee Asks…
49) What's his all time favorite song? Does not have to be Punjabi, but a song, that's like a timeless classic for him, one of those you never get tired of hearing.

To many tracks to choose form but I love my pop/cheese music.

50) If he had a choice to work with Jazzy B, Malkit Singh, Des C or Lighting MC, which one he choose & why?

Malkit Singh…he a legend!

51) What sort of vibe would the above track be as well?

A Desi bangger!!!

S11NGH Asks…
52) What image are you trying to portray?

Not trying to, im just me.

53) Why don't you remove your sunglasses’, cuz even Sean Paul does that!

You must have only seen me in my video then… never really where sunnies… only if its sunny I guess. 8-)

Jags Klimax

54) Your views on Ghost production Right or Wrong? People who provide it and people who take advantage of this service, what are your views on them?

Each to there own, you need to ask those who do that not me. I worry about what I do not others..

55) There’s a oriental girl featured in your music video, would u marry a oriental girl?

Lol…who knows what God has got in store for me? :-X

S’ Asks….
56) Which genres of music do you think you are best at producing in? (Since there's a Bollywood and Bhangra vibe going on in the album.)

I will try it all and let the music listners decide.

WhackoForJacko Asks…
57) What would change about the bhangra industry (more singers, less labels, cuz we already know about downloading)

Not to much I would or really could change to be honest, I jut keep my head down and get on with my work. Everyone is just doing there thing and good luck to them.

Quick Fire Round Time… So hold on to your woman, on the bike….

58) Kaka or Lehmber?

59) Sean Paul or Jags Klimax? ::)
Jags Klimax (Silly question!)

60) Mona Singh or Ms Scandalous?

Scandy as shes my mate
61) Indian Food or Thai Food?

62) Kam Frantic or Own Production? ;)

How can you compare…. Teacher to student.

Let’s finish this off now… because Jags randomly needs to appear in a club, after giving some dude a copy of the CD…

63) What can we expect from Jags Klimax, in the future?

My new EP wil be out soon so watch out for more info. More of a bollywood based EP but worth checking out I promise.

64) Finally, congratulations on the album, any final messages to Punjab2000 members/staff/massi di kuriya and your fans and industry members in general etc etc?

I don’t think I got any fans vixy but all I want to say is thank you so much for you support and a big shout to Tony and the rest of the  team.