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Jagmohan Singh Malhi becomes first turbaned cop in New Zealand

Jagmohan Singh Malhi becomes first turbaned cop in New Zealand

Its indeed a proud moment for the Sikh Community who are getting recognition worldwide now a days. Its a great moment for Sikhs in New Zealand to see the turban incorporated into the police uniform. S. Jagmohan Singh Malhi the first Sikh to do so says that its a good feeling. “I'm proud of what I have achieved – to become a pioneer” –says Jagmohan. So far, he has been out on the beat just twice wearing the turban in Nelson.

After shifting to New Zealand from India eight years ago, Mr Malhi shaved his facial hair to help fit in. He also shaved his head when joining the police, when his religion dictates he should not cut his hair. "In the back of the mind, I was not the Sikh I should be”- said Jagmohan. So when his father died last year, Jagmohan launched his own personal campaign to have the protocols changed – and the police hierarchy agreed. "It means a lot to me," hailed Jagmohan.

Jagmohan now keeps full hair and wears turban. Onlookers are surprised, particularly in Nelson where people did not see a lot of them. "They look at you, and give another look, and their eyes widen, but it's all been good." Daljit Singh, spokesman for the New Zealand Sikh Society, said it was a proud moment for Sikhs in New Zealand. The Sikh community saw it as paving a path for other Sikhs to consider joining the police.

After Arpinder Kaur became 1st turbaned Pilot in USA, Jagmohan has brought honor to Sikh Community by getting turban incorporated in the New Zealand for Sikh Policemen. Great moment indeed!