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Jacqueline Fernandez tries a different style of ballet and dons the director’s hat in ROY


Jacqueline Fernandez


Jacqueline Fernandez has become a favourite with choreographers and directors to dance in her films. With her next film, ROY, the actress has tried a completely different style of contemporary dance, a ballet on sand for the song ‘Boond Boond’. Director Vikramjit Singh wanted a sequence in the song that is artistic, sensual and passionate. When he briefed choreographer Ahmed Khan, Ahmed instantly knew what he wanted to capture.


Jacqueline will be the first Hindi actress to try this form of dancing in romantic thriller ROY. Speaking about it, Jacqueline says, “Ahmed gave me a couple of videos to watch to understand the body language and refer to before the shoot. He is one of the finest choreographers, who loves experimenting and is passionate about his work.”

Jacqueline, who loves dancing, suggested some moves to Ahmed who loved them and incorporated them on shoot. Jacqueline adds, “Ahmed gave a completely different, fresh touch to the kind of ballet we have always seen on screen. I too had ideas and together we put a piece together. The final scene that you see on screen is sensuous and passionate.”

Jacqueline dons the director’s hat in ROY

Jacqueline Fernandez donned the director’s cap on the set of upcoming romantic thriller, ROY. The actress took tips from director Vikramjit Singh and renowned DOP Himman Dhamija, who has worked on films such as Mangal Pandey and Daawat E Ishq. Jacqueline was quite excited to go behind the camera and we hear once she sat on the director’s chair she was the one calling the shots and giving instructions to everyone around, which included the real director as well – in a jovial way, confirmed a source close to the team.



Jacqueline Fernandez tries a different style of ballet and dons the director’s hat in ROY

Jacqueline, excited about the double roles she essays in the film says, “I am playing a double role for the first time and icing on the cake is playing two completely different characters. For the role of a director, I had to get some attributes of that character right. I got some on the job tips from Vicky and Himman. Himman to get the correct look and actions and he also taught me how to use the camera.”