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 A-list celebrities in the form of Bobby Valentino, Timbaland, Ricky Martin, Amerie, Beyonce, have all produced records over the influence of Asian R&B.

One of the finest Asian producers of modern day, J-Nas, has put together a sensational album titled “Asian R&B.” The album features high profile artists such as massive US rapper David Banner, Desert Storm’s first lady Thara, UK stars DJ Luck & MC Neat, LiveWire, Rob Base, DJ Clue, home grown talent Karamel and many more.

J-Nas, born in Dallas, USA, is the hip-hop persona of Sanj. J-Nas is no stranger to the mainstream arena having recently worked with the glamorous girl band, Rouge, Desert Storm’s first lady, Thara, Canadian pop stars Sugar Jones, reggae icon Shabba Ranks, British stars DJ Luck and MC Neat, Liberty X and House DJ Tim Deluxe to name a few.

The first single to be lifted off the album, “I Can Feel It” featuring Thara and LiveWire will be hitting the music channels very soon.

The album “Asian R&B” will be released in the UK through Envy Entertainment and Mona Records in May 2006.

1. To The Yard
2. My Boo
3. I Can Feel It
4. Asian Ting
5. These Words
6. Dirty South
7. You Got My Time
8. You Got Me Addicted
9. Hey Hey
10. Blazing Sitar
11. Tera Pyaar
12. Those Little Things
13. I'm So Into You
14. Shake It

Buy the album here