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Its Raining Vocals! Mirchi Tansen Junior- now across Gujarat!

Its Raining Vocals!

Mirchi Tansen Junior- now across Gujarat!

A visionary, a dreamer, a music lover, a singer and pretty much a self-taught musician‎. Well, that’s Kshitij Banker for you.

Kshitij Banker

RJ Kshitij Banker

But besides all of this… he’s also a Radio Jockey with India’s leading radio network Radio Mirchi.
So 3 years ago Kshitij envisioned the need to stage a singing talent hunt aiming at children and playing around the monsoon season.
Music combined with amazing fresh vocals across the rainy season saw the birth of Mirchi Tansen Junior in Baroda.
An activity that gave a voice to several hopefuls. One which allowed children that chance to shine in the limelight.
Today‎, the activity is spreading out to the Gujarat cluster; across the airwaves for the first time! The success of MTJ has seen the hunt receive a great deal of attention from the Gujarat media and is something children and their parents look forward too.
So with the leading jocks of the Gujarat network pitching in from the cities of Ahmedabad, Surat and Rajkot, the dream to find the young musical Tansen voice of tomorrow lives on.
Radio Mirchi Gujarat team from Baroda, Ahmedabad, Surat and Rajkot

Radio Mirchi Gujarat team from Baroda, Ahmedabad, Surat and Rajkot

Mirchi Tansen Junior is the ultimate talent hunt for the child with the golden voice ‎of tomorrow. That young Tansen who will melt the hearts of many with their one song not just on a city level but across the state.
For children aged between 8 to 12 years, the contest offers a platform to showcase their singing skills. A singing activity of this scale is happening for the first time on Gujarat radio.

Heading the activity from Ahmedabad is Gujarat’s No 1 radio jockey, Dhvanit. The award winning jock is known for reaching out to millions and being a major supporter of talent.
His ability to reach out to listeners and continuously maintain a place in the hearts of so many, remains unparallelled.
RJ Dhvanit, No 1 across Gujarat


Spearheading the activity from Surat is the man who can only be described as the voice of the city. Rahil has for the last 5 years wooed listeners with his youth related activities, becoming the youth icon of the city of Surat.
RJ Rahil from Surat

RJ Rahil from Surat

Handling the activity from the city of Rajkot is the versatile Rj Ishita.
Young, bubbly and bringing life to the airwaves of Rajkot, Ishita is all set to find that bright spark in her city.
RJ Ishita, Rajkot

RJ Ishita

All four jocks together with their mentors will train and work with the selected candidates and then compete on a grand scale for the Gujarat finale.
Notable mentors for the activity include Pandit Aniket Khandekar and Mayank Kapadia.
Pandit Aniket Khandekar is well-known for his ‎musical work across the state and for working with National and International artists from the music industry. A stalwart in classical music he will head the mentorship from Ahmedabad together with Dhvanit.
Pandit Aniket Khandekar- Mentor for Ahmedabad

Pandit Aniket Khandekar

Mayank Kapadia, is known as the godfather of rock music in Surat and heads his own music academy with his brothers Dhruv and Gaurav. RJ Rahil and him will mentor for the city of Surat.
Mayank Kapadia- Mentor for Surat

Mayank Kapadia

The hunt for Mirchi Tansen Junior is all set to ‎commence shortly. Auditions across the four cities commence from this week. The finale is expected to be held in early August.
For all the buzz and updates on the activity you can checkout our fb page- Mirchi Tansen Junior. Catch us on twitter @mirchitansenjun
Showcasing the best in talent and providing a platform to the next generation of singers, Mirchi Tansen Junior is all set to bring the house down with a storm.