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Introducing Khalis House Publishing

Today we spoke with Veer Singh of KhalisHouse, to tell us a little more about their new venture.

Hi Veer, thank you for joining us. So let’s get straight to it; What is KhalisHouse?

Hi Punjab2000, well KhalisHouse is a new independent print and e-publisher for aspiring Sikh and Panjabi writers. Established earlier this year we have been working with an exciting line up of budding authors who will be releasing their debut books in the coming months.

Tell us a little more about the name, what does “Khalis” mean?

The term Khalis (ਖ਼ਾਲਿਸ) is a versatile word of Persian (خالص) origin. It means free or independent, as well as pure in Arabic and Sanskrit (ख़ालिस). This idea of independence forms an integral part of our vision for publishing books.

And the logo, why is a lotus flower your logo?

The significance of the lotus flower analogy in Sikh tradition is well known. It is symbolic of the teaching to remain unattached whilst attached in society. Just like the lotus remains distinct and true, even when sitting on muddy waters, we aim to uphold Sikh values whilst sitting amongst the world.

For us the lotus flower is also characteristic of ambitious Sikh and Panjabi writers. Just like the lotus grows through mud, they too may have to endure hardship and struggle before actualizing their true potential and blossom forth.

Why have you chosen specifically to be a publishing company for works on Panjab and Sikhs?

We recognise the need to support and promote works on Panjab and the Sikhs which seek to preserve and present the rich heritage and culture of our collective identity. We also feel there is a need to create a new wave of literature from all genres of work – fiction, nonfiction, poetry and prose.

What is the long term aim of the publishing House?

The long term aim of the Publishing House is to be a platform for Sikh and Panjabi writers; to champion and promote work that showcases the rich heritage of our shared history, culture and lifestyle.

Who is the team made up of?

At present the team is small which includes an editor, designer and marketing lead. We hope to announce the team, including any new additions very soon, as we build up the launch to our first publication. You’ll just have to watch this space to find out.

What makes KhalisHouse unique to other publishing companies?

As mentioned, we are primarily focused on Panjabi and Sikh writers. We recognise there are creative and passionate writers within our community, who need a publicist that not only understands the importance of their work, but is equally enthusiastic about showcasing it to the rest of the world.Our uniqueness lies in our strength to help aspiring writers assemble their work in a manner worthy of its content. Ultimately the reader will be the judge of our uniqueness when they see our first publication, which is under edit and set for release in a couple of months.

What social platforms can we find you on?

You can find us on the usual platforms:

Instagram: KhalisHouse
Facebook: KhalisHouse Publishing
Twitter: KhalisHouse

As mentioned our first publication will be released in later this year and we will be introducing our writers and their work in due course. However, we are continually taking submissions for written work of all genres.

All submissions are to be sent to [email protected] along with a short CV, sample or draft of the work and an overview of the main themes that the author has tried to present.

Thank you for joining us Veer Singh, and all the best.