G Deep

Introducing G-Deep

G-Deep is all about originality, as soon as he learned his ABCs he was putting words into sentences and sentences into beautiful lyrics.  He is a triple threat – singer, song-writer, and composer. G-Deep (the son of Punjab) takes pride in his music; he does this for his culture. He wants to preserve and promote it.  
G-Deep's biggest influences are Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Gurdas Maan. He considers Gurdas Maan as his Guru. Maan has inspired G-Deep to master the craft of improvising while performing on stage.

On this album G-Deep collaborated with hip hop artists such as Don Revo, Young Pharaoh, Armani and Chuck, where the essences of Punjabi vocals met Hip Hop. This is probably one of G-Deep's strongest aspects- he stays true to traditional Punjabi beats and vocals to satisfy the older generation's ears.


He's also able to reach the younger generation by fusing Hip Hop and Punjabi sound together. He's been on the scene for a few years now and is completely ready to take it by storm. The fans have been waiting for G-Deep's debut album and now it is here so ENJOY…..


Words by Kiran Kaur and Peta Cooper

Check out G-Deep's – Kudiyeah Haandiyeah Video

G-Deep's – Sher Punjabi Video

More Info; Log on too www.gdeepmusic.com or myspace.com/gdeepmusic