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Interview with Genelia D’Souza on Force

Genelia D’Souza talks about her latest movie Force with John Abraham.
1 of the most awaited action romance films of the year.
Releasing in cinemas across UK and worldwide on 30th September 2011 through Twentieth Century Fox, ‘FORCE’ is a contemporary action romance and a Hindi reinterpretation of the Tamil blockbuster, ‘Kaakha Kaakha’, which achieved widespread popularity among audiences and critics alike.

At the heart of the action-love story is a renegade cop, played by John Abraham, in relentless pursuit of a ruthless, underworld gangster. He believes that the only way to eradicate crime is to give criminals the bullet — not hand cuffs.

Sharing screen space with John is one of the most vivacious and exuberant talents to join the ranks of Indian screen beauties, as Genelia D’Souza plays John’s love interest.