Inside Out & Boxe Boxe Review

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We had the pleasure of attending the INSIDE OUT festival which celebrates the diverse talent in our region at the Curve Theatre in Leicester.  Curated by Curve’s Associate Director Suba Das it showcases a range of shows, work shops and events from the 10th-19th April and many of these being low cost and free events making it an exceedingly good way to get involved in abit of culture during the Easter holiday!

Suba Das has directed two new bold plays from India which are to be shown from Thursday 17th-19th April are a must see too, catch the studio showing Pereira’s Bakery at 76 Chapel Road and OK Tata Bye Bye these are both on the ‘to watch’ list.

Yet to be seen there is a deeply personal performance by John Berkavitch’s in Shame on Thursday 17th April at 9.30pm, Impulse Collective’s new take on Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales on Friday 18th April at 9.30pm where 2014 meets the 14th Century, see the perspicacious ways of Elaine Pantling’s one-woman show The Last Cuppa on Saturday 19th April at 4pm & Tom Glover’s England Expects on Saturday 19th April at 9.30pm which shares the experiences of music hall star Vesta Tilly during the Great War.


To start off the launch with a spectacular performance as ever we had the very talented Aakash Odedra who is an international contemporary dance artist.  He has worked with three of international choreography’s biggest names – Akram Khan, Russell Maliphant and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and The Guardian dance critic Judith Mackrell described  it as the “dance equivalent of a red-carpet event”.
It was a sneak peek of Murmur with the full piece having its world premiere at Curve on 10-11 November!

His new work titled Murmur with Australian choregrapher Lewis Major explores into the idea of exaggerated realities which features collaboration with ARS Electronica Futurelab that created the lighting visuals.

It was dramatic and enlightening to watch starting off with the crowd having to become silence as Aakash spoke in Hindi, his voice was telling a story to be heard.  His footwork was a delight to listen to as he uses his feet to make beats that went to the rhythm of the music.  There was a comical point where there was a whirlwind of paper on stage making the crowd warm to him creating an atmosphere of fun.


Boxe Boxe


Directed and choreographed by the artistic Mourad Merzouki this was a powerful breath taking show which features eight masculine athletic dancers who blended martial arts, street and contemporary dance to create a joyful union where hip hop and boxing entertained the audience.

The filigree out of shape iron stage set along with the warm lighting created a setting in contrast to what the dancers were wearing and their red boxing gloves.  It was a great effect watching the onstage string quartet playing their instruments and moving along with the music which made them a visual melody to watch.  The classical music which included pleasing tunes from Schubert, melodies by Ravel, repetitive structures by Phillip Glass and Glen Miller a hugely prolific jazz trombonist certainly added to the graceful moves performed by all on stage.

An element of comedy was injected into parts during the show where the referee would belly bounce in between opponents giving the audience something to laugh about.  The adrenaline is captured by watching the dancers carry out strenuous moves such as high kicks and punches which lasted a fair time showing their great wealth of stamina.

An overall beautifully illustrated dance by characters who know how to have fun on stage and make the crowd come alive with many of us presenting our gratitude by giving an a standing ovation at the end along with some cheeky wolf whistles.