Indira Joshi Joins The Cast of Silver Street

Indira Joshi Joins The Cast of Silver Street.

Indira Joshi, best known for her role as Madhuri Kumar in spoof chat show ‘The Kumars at No. 42, joins the cast of Silver Street and starts recording this week for her debut character appearance on Monday 23rd March.

Indira plays new character Sakina Mirza in the daily radio soap, which can be heard on Asian Network weekdays at 1.30pm with an Omnibus at 4.30pm on Sundays. She plays the mum of Chunky (played by Shahid Ahmed) and Jungli (played by Adil Ray).
Sakina who is affectionately nicknamed ‘Bibi’ was abroad for a few years and has now returned to look after her boys and keep an eye on the Mirza family’s fast food business. The confident and feisty Bibi wastes no time settling back into Silver Street and reminds the residents exactly who she is. Even the usually shrewd shop owner Mushtaq Jilani succumbs to Bibi’s charming but ruthless skill in buying goods at bargain prices.
It’s obvious Sakina wears the trousers in the Mirza house but her doting sons are more than happy for their mother to be back. Sakina shares Jungli’s enthusiasm for entrepreneurial opportunities and sees herself in her fast talking son. Chunky on the other hand is more like his sensible deceased father and a little over shadowed by his brother. As the family discuss Jungli’s latest plan for expanding the ‘Mirza Corporation’ it seems Sakina is more than willing to take a few risks…..

Tune in to BBC Asian Network to hear Indira make her character debut on Monday 23rd March