Panjaban - Panjabi MC Ft AVION VIDEO REMIX

Indian Timing – Panajbi MC

Available on iTunes from 6th October 2008. in shops from 11th October, the official world release date.

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Panjabi MC Quote’s: “INDIAN TIMING’ means to be late and this time I took the long way to Punjab and picked up some tracks along the way including Europe, Middle East, Mumbai, America and Jamaica.  I made this album on the dance floors of the world and perfected it on club sound systems and PA’s at festivals in all continents with crazy diverse crowds,  every track is different and tells its own story… ” 
Album Info:     

Panjabi MC has taken care of business with Panjabi legends such as Shinda and Manak, as well as introducing brand new singers as usual.

With a lot more including Bappi Lahiri, Ofra Haza and PMC.     

Many of the tracks have already had an amazing response, while still being in the process of recording.  ‘Snake Charmer’, ‘Panjaban’, ‘Disco Dancer’, ‘So Can We’, 'Kee Lagh Da’, ‘Jagga’ and ‘Panjabi Soilders (A-TEAM)’ are just some of the anthems already being requested.