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Indian Farmers block tracks, stop trains #railroko

DAY 86: #FarmersProtest Thursday 18/02/2021
Farmers unions called for a four-hour countrywide railway blockade today. Thousands of farmers were seen blocking rail tracks and stopping trains across several states all over India see pictures & videos below.

farmers blocking rail tracks
Amritsar Railway Station
Amritsar Railway Station
#RailRoko protest at Sitamarhi railway station, Bihar by @CPIMLBIHAR
, AIKM and Insaaf Manch.
#BKUEKTAUGRAHAN called for #RailRoko in 20 places over 15 districts in support of the Sanyukta Kisan Morcha call for #RailRoko. Massive turn out at #Sunam Railway Station — people supporting farmers in their movement for #justice #RailRokoForFarmers
25 trains all across Northern Railway regulated as #RailRoko called by farmers takes off

Police detained hundreds of Farmers and leaders in Gwalior during Rail Roko.
Credits : @KashifKakvi

Images from Gwalior and Dabra railway stations. Credits : @KashifKakvi
Farmers block the train track with their tractors

Nationwide Indian Farmers block train tracks. Video from Haryana at the Charkhi Dadri railway station with Women sitting on the train tracks & serving food to all.

A bit of history : On 31st October, 1922 A.D the Sikh communities of Gurdwara Panja Sahib stopped the train carrying Sikh prisoners to feed them Langar. The station master told them, “The train shall not stop at this station. The Sikh prisoners had been arrested for cutting Acacia wood for langar (community kitchen) from uncultivated land attached to Gurdwara Guru Ka Bagh. The Sikhs managed to stop the train by laying down on the train tracks. Once the train was stopped, the prisoners were fed Langar. Unfortunately a number of Sikhs attained martyrdom.

Saka Panja Sahib