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In Spite of Oceans: Migrant Voices by Huma Qureshi

Huma Qureshi specialises in writing about British-Asian culture. In her first book, In Spite of Oceans she tells fifteen stories, ranging from the oldest to the youngest—culminating with a personal story concerning the new-born child of a British Asian mother and an English father—in this case it concerns the child of the author.

In Spite of Oceans - Huma Qureshi

In Spite of Oceans – Huma Qureshi

Qureshi received a John C. Laurence Award 2014.

‘Huma Qureshi’s beautifully written prose,

filled with heart-breaking details,

illuminates the journey of a generation’



“A book that brings alive the stories of those

whose hard work and determination made it possible for

younger generations of British Asians to flourish”




The stories are featured based on individuals representing the various aspects of British-Asian culture. These are extended versions of previously written articles Huma has contributed. She draws out the colour and relevance of each subject in a clear, lyrical and engaging style.

Read about the young bride from Bangladesh, married to a stranger, who comes to England to navigate life with a man she cannot love. Another tale of an Indian father who struggles to come to terms with his son’s mental illness and hides it from the world. And how a mother and daughter’s relationship was shattered in the clash over the Pakistani traditions her daughter chooses not to follow.


In Spite of Oceans will both break and lift your heart.

Its subjects have struggled through personal hardships to emerge with strength,

perfectly captured in Huma Qureshi’s sensitive writing. With charm and humanity

this book melts away the torment and grief of living between two cultures

and leaves a warm understanding of the immigrant experience.”