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Anita High Heels

High Heels Official Video by Anita

Anita High Heels

Anita High Heels


Anita describes her music-a combination of catchy pop melodies, with soaring vocals. A passionate performer, Anita intends to turn heads with her sound and visuals, something she will undoubtedly do with ‘High Heels’, a retro tinged slice of pure pop. The video, that she co-directed with Razor Edge, is an homage to her favourite film ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and is for Anita, an honest and thoughtful representation of the song and herself as an artist

“I didn’t grow up thinking I could be a pop star, because I come from a completely non-musical family. All I knew for sure was that singing was the best feeling in the world, and that I wanted to be Michael Jackson”.

What Anita did grow up to be, was an all singing, all dancing pop starlet in the making. Born and bred in London, England, but of Indian descent, Anita’s exotic looks and multicultural upbringing have provided her with a wealth of content for her songs, and ideas and inspiration that she has poured into the masterminding of her career, including co-directing her music video début, ‘High Heels’.

“I didn’t go to a stage school, just a regular one, so I had to take every opportunity to stand out-I would force musical sections into the school assembly just so I could get up and sing! I had so many different influences in my head like MJ, Sam Cooke, and Mariah that I soon realised what I wanted to become. I was still at school when I did my first audition, and landed a management deal. The next thing you know, I had formed a girl group with my friends, and that’s when the roller-coaster began!”



Anita High Heels

That girl group was Serese, who went on to perform all over the world including opening the MTV awards in Asia, getting sponsorship deals with Swarovski, Applebottoms, and Adidas to mention a few, and working with industry greats such as songwriter Wayne Hector (One Direction, Nicki Minaj, The Wanted). Now, after a natural progression, Anita is ready to make an impact on pop music, along with her mentor and manager Richard Pascoe of RP Management.

“I call it Lush Pop”

“I feel like I’m on the yellow brick road right now, and I can’t wait to get inside the Emerald City!”



Anita – High Heels

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