Heer From Denmark Released “A Gori Girl Singing Punjabi”

WHEN: Middle of November 2006. WHERE: India (distribution of the CD in USA, Canada and some contries in Europe). WHAT: Release of the CD "Heer from Denmark" with the singer Anita Lerche. Very shortly the danish singer Anita Lerche will release her first Punjabi album, where you will hear her sing in Punjabi (indian language).      The CD "Heer from Denmark" contains 9 songs. One of them is the legendary song "Heer" written by Warish Shah – sung in the indian classical singing style. The rest of the songs are written especially for Anita and are in the style of Punjabi pop with lots of good rhythms for dancing. The song "Goddess" is composed and written in english by Anita herself.  Anita has just finished the shooting of her first video "Gori". It was a very special experience as it was shot at 65 locations all around in Punjab – in only 7 days. In this video you will see Anita dance with hundreds of indian people. The video will be released on indian television in the middle of november 2006. Shortly after the audio CD will be released as well as the DVD & VDC (Video CD). For more information and the latest news – see: 


 For more press info contact:events@desinet.dk