HAT JA MAJUJANE – Gtown Desi feat Bee2 & Rani Randeep



Gtown Desi are regarded as Scotland’s most unique Urban Asian collective, comprised of 5 individuals from differing backgrounds fused together with talents reigning from Djing, music production, radio hosting and events management. The collective have been involved in the music scene for almost 2 decades, playing throughout clubs and festivals globally as well as being known as the trendsetting roadshow DJs in Scotland.
Since the release of their debut album, ’11:34’, the collective have released a series of singles in both the Asian and Urban music industries. Hat Ja Majajane is just a small teaser of what they have lined up for releasing in 2015 with their newly signed record deal with the Sound Pipe Records.

HAT JA MAJUJANE – Gtown Desi feat Bee2 & Rani Randeep
Music by: Gtown Desi
Lyrics & Video: Bee2

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