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Harley Street comes to the High Street with Renew Medica’s Post Summer Skin Care Treatments!

Harley Street comes to the High Street with Renew Medica’s Post Summer Skin Care Treatments!

Providing cosmetic solutions and remedies for outdoor enthusiasts who may have already caused extensive skin damage through over exposure to the sun, as well as other triggers to problem skin,
 Renew Medica – the market leader in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, Laser Hair Removal and Advanced Skin Treatment in London and the South East – is offering post summer skin care solutions at its recently launched clinic on New Kings Road, to treat sun damaged skin.  

The welcomed arrival of their New Kings Road clinic fast follows the launch of their spa in neighbouring Knightsbridge, at Urban Retreat, Harrods.

Fast becoming the Kate Moss brand of the non-invasive cosmetic and beauty procedures world, Renew Medica now boasts a chain of 14, Healthcare Commission-registered, prime location clinics spanning the entire London commuter belt, with exclusive, signature treatments offered at each individual clinic.  

Harley Street comes to the High Street with Renew Medica’s Post Summer Skin Care Treatments!
Treating problems such as sun damage, wrinkles, pigmentation, excess hair, cellulite, acne and scarring, anti-aging, facial veins, dry skin, open/ large pores, sweating control and facial contouring, Renew Medica’s ethos of bringing Harley Street procedures to the high street means that it is not only the South West London jet set that can benefit from their exclusive menu of treatments and superior expertise on post Summer skin care.
Treatments recommended by Renew Medica to treat sun damaged skin:
VISIA COMPLEXION ANALYSIS: With climate change and increased exposure to environmental pollution, as well as factors such as poor diet and the party lifestyle accelerating the rise in poor skin health, an extremely popular service offered by Renew Medica is the superior quality skin analysis.
Adopting the technologically advanced Visia skin mapping system, which allows for the identification and monitoring of common skin conditions such as the extent of sun damage to the skin, wrinkling, vascular lesions and hyperpigmentation, Renew Medica has established itself as the leading provider of Skin Health Restoration treatments, and a full range of treatment options are provided, to improve the client’s skin.  
COSMEDIX SKIN FACIALS: Renew Medica has created an advanced menu of skin treatments called Medi-Facials that rejuvenate the skin and deeper tissue layers, using products containing only natural, active ingredients.

Their range of Medi-Facials and Peels induce an instant improvement in skin health and appearance, some of which incorporate the benefits of ‘superfood’, natural ingredients, using the Cosmedix cosmeceutical range of plant botanicals-based skin care products. Renew Medica skin experts also offer effective treatments for acne, sun damage, dark patches and open pores. PHOTO-REJUVENATION (IPL): Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a skin treatment breakthrough that can correct a variety of skin conditions such as facial skin imperfections including rosacea, veins, pigmentation issues and other blemishes.
With IPL, pulses of light (mostly infrared) are applied to the skin. The effect of warming the skin and the deeper layers of collagen is that the skin will be stimulated to repair itself giving superior results.

To top all of that, the price is right. The treatments might be popular with the celebs but, nevertheless, accessibility and affordability stand at the forefront of Renew Medica’s ethos, and its name is synonymous with the specialisation of a wide range of proven, safe and highly successful laser hair removal and advanced skin treatment services, yet at a fraction of the prices demanded by most Harley Street practices, thus bridging the gap between beauty and aesthetic desires of the client and the ever-expanding market of cosmetic procedures.

Some of the other treatments offered by Renew Media include: 

Micro-Dermabrasion Skin Polishing: promote younger, tighter and more radiant skin through re-surfacing new cells via a controlled spray of fine crystals – to remove the outer layer of lifeless, congested and dull skin. 

Botox Wrinkle Treatment: Renew Medica is also renowned for the unique Botox Wrinkle Treatment it offers to clients. Creating a natural look by perfecting the technique, avoiding the frozen look associated with American practitioners, the artistry adopted by the Renew Medica specialists revolves around appreciating each individual’s facial anatomy. As well as the obvious purpose of removing facial lines, the Botox treatment at Renew Medica is also effective in inducing and augmenting eyebrows, eliminating tension headaches and excessive sweating, especially popular amongst the hand shaking right palms of city executives.

Laser Hair Removal: Renew Medica is one of the few practices in London and the South East that offers a variety of Laser treatment systems for hair reduction, according to different Ethnic skin types. The three types of Laser treatment that Renew Medica offers are: YAG – for ethnic skin types; Alex – for extremely fair skin; and Diode – for all other skin types. Renew Medica has also recently launched the first ever pain free laser for hair removal, Soprano XL. 

Dermal Fillers: this treatment smoothes out wrinkles in the critical parts of the face and gives lips greater volume and a natural-looking, sensuous pout. 

Hyperhidrosis Control: a treatment that stops high levels of sweating. This treatment involves the injection of tiny amounts of muscle relaxant in a grid pattern over the affected skin. 

Micro-Pigmentation: Micro-pigmentation, or semi-permanent make-up as it is often called, is a cosmetic treatment which involves the impregnation of pigment into the skin. Using advance techniques, this safe procedure will enhance areas of your face to improve the shape, colour and definition without having to apply make up.

Sclerotherapy: Sclerotherapy is used to treat spider veins or thread veins, which have a red or purple colour, and are visible on the surface of the body, typically on the legs. It is a very precise procedure, involving injecting a sclerosing solution into the vein with a very fine needle. This then causes them to collapse and fade from view.  

Alma Accent: Renew Medica’s Harrods Flagship Site will also conduct Body Contouring and Skin Tightening treatments – The Accent System – a painless dual mode radio frequency device used for the treatment of Cellulite, body and facial skin tightening and contouring to help eliminate stubborn fat areas that diet and exercise alone are unable to remove.

The Accent system is already accruing a phenomenal response, and this safe, non invasive treatment requires fewer sessions than other popular systems with longer lasting results, and finally gives a genuine alternative to those not wishing to go under the knife. 

Remedial Electrolysis: Electrolysis (Epilation) works by passing a small amount of energy into the hair follicle through a very fine needle. This produces heat, which destroys the cells that produce the hair at the base of the follicle. More than one treatment will be necessary since hair follicles have a specific hair growth cycle. Electrolysis can also remove skin tags and a variety of extra cellular skin lesions.  

For fear of sounding like a daytime commercial for cheaper car insurance, services at Renew Medica begin with a free, no obligation consultation with one of their specialist nurses or medical aestheticians, unlike the majority of its industry counterparts.