H Two O interview @ Miss Bassline

The start of this year has seen a couple bassline tracks hit the bigtime… "Heartbroken" by T2 in January, and "What's It Gonna Be" by H Two O ft Platnum in March. Enjoying their success in their hometown of Leicester at Download's Miss Bassline event, I caught up with DJ Oz and DJ Solution. 

So how did your name come about?

DJ Oz: Well we started out on Freeze FM, so we thought freeze, ice… water! And H Two O came from that.

Ah that’s clever! So how does it feel to be riding so high up in the charts? You’re at number 2 right now with “What’s It Gonna Be?” right?

DJ Oz: Yeah it’s great but it’s weird too, I mean we knew it was a great song but we weren’t really expecting THIS much success with it. When we’re in London, people come up to us and congratulate us, real happy for us and it’s like “wow, we’re famous!”

DJ Solution: Yeah it’s accelerated really fast but there’s been a lot of hard work going into it, so we’re just really happy that it’s doing really well.

So your track is one of the first big chart hits from the bassline scene, how’s that feeling?

DJ Oz: We love that we’re in the position to push the scene to a commercial market.

DJ Solution: The scene’s been building for a while now, I think that it’s going to get even bigger this year and it’s awesome that we’re a part of it.

How did the track come about?

DJ Oz: We’ve known Platnum for a while now, anyway they were layering vocals over the track, and when it got to the chorus, me and solution were like “yeah, that’s the one, that’s what we want to go with”, because we just knew it worked.

Will you be working with them again?

DJ Oz: Well we work so well together that yeah, possibly we will be hooking up with them again.

What’s been your highlight of your success so far?

DJ Solution: Being able to do this, making music, as a career. Before music, I managed Trainique, a trainer shop in Leicester town centre.

And tonight’s event, what’s it like playing in this lineup?

DJ Oz: Really cool , because it’s so chilled out. I mean, we all [Jamie Duggan, Nev Wright, Shaun Banger Scott and Apostle] know each other through Myspace and we talk to each other on MSn or call each other and take the piss. It’s great that we all get to play together, and push this sound.

And your best gig so far?

DJ Solution: A gig in West Bromwich, it was just such a great night in a filthy underground grimy bassline club.

So what are your plans for the summer?

DJ Solution: We’ll be playing Ayia Napa, Ibiza, we should be doing the major clubs there, including Pacha.

Finally, what tracks do you think will be making it big and bringing bassline to the masses this year?

DJ Oz: TRC’s “Lately”, DJ Q and Bonez “U Wot”, and Virgo and Tilesha “Something Real”.