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H Dhami 'Clap It'

H DHAMI – Back With “CLAP IT” His First Release Of 2016 – Watch the full video here


H Dhami 'Clap It'

H Dhami ‘Clap It’


VIP Records are proud to announce that H Dhami is back with his first release of 2016 “CLAP IT” Produced by one of North America’s finest, The PropheC. Since the release of H Dhami’s debut album “Sadke Java” in 2008, Dhami has been working hard and focusing on all aspects of his career including touring globally and performing to the masses. Having worked with some of the finest names in the industry from Rishi Rich to Raghav and many more creating dancefloor hits which are played at Weddings, Clubs and Party’s Worldwide, H is definitely no stranger to the scene. Best known for his crowd pleasing music and unique stage presence, H Dhami wanted to make it a point not to just release a song for the sake of it. British Asian Music will always have an influence from various styles and cultures, in which music has transcended from and the real breakthrough comes when artists can take those influences and combine them with the sound of today, to set the bar of what is achievable in terms of producing a track which holds substance, not to just top the charts but ultimately have the longevity to be remembered years down the line.


So with this in mind, here at VIP Records we are delighted to bring two strong forces together from different ends of the world to create a collaboration which is set to hit the airwaves this month. “CLAP IT” H Dhami commented the following regarding his release “I am more excited than anyone I think, I mean my fans and family have waited ages for me to release a new track and I’ve always promised them that when the time is right I will release something that will impact the way we hear and see music. PropheC has been great to work with and I do appreciate all the time and effort that everyone has put in to make sure that this track is on point. I would like to thank VIP records for giving me the opportunity to do what I love doing the most and lastly I would like to thank everyone who has ever supported me. It means a lot and I hope that you love this project as much as I do.”

CLAP IT” released on Thursday February 25th 2016 on VIP Records

Watch the full video below