Guru Nanak Road Sri Guru Singh Sabha

Guru Nanak Road signs for Sri Guru Singh Sabha Southall

Guru Nanak Road signs went up officially today for Sri Guru Singh Sabha Southall (Havelock Rd.)

Jasvinder Bhasin Paul says her father Dilmohan Singh Bhasin had initially started this but unfortunately passed away a year ago.

Last Year Ealing Council had marked Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s 550th Gurpurab, by renaming Sri Guru Singh Sabha Southall Havelock Rd to Guru Nanak Road. Back in June during the #blacklivesmatter protests Councillor Julian Bell said that “Our Diversity is our strength. And we need to make sure our Public realm, our statutes, road names & buildings reflect our diversity and not reflect a frozen past where colonialism, racism and the slave trade were present and celebrated.


See Photos below of the New road signs

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