Gurdas Maan UK TOUR 2019

UK BOX OFFICE  are pleased to OFFICIALLY CONFIRM the details of the Gurdas Maan UK Tour 2019!

Branded as “One legend. For all generations”, this four-date spectacular will make for an unforgettable and personal experience for fans of all ages! Mr Maan has a unique ability to capture the imaginations of all generations – from the very senior to the very young. And this is why the 2019 tour will be one of the MOST MEMORABLE to date, as it will speak to those very personal and relatable sentiments.

WHAT’S MORE is that the 2019 tour will take place in the summer season! So, bring all the generations in your circle, from the youngest of Maan fans to those young-at-heart grandparents and immerse yourselves in the warmer climate and longer days for a sizzling summer season of sold-out shows with the focus truly on all of you!

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As the legend himself states:

“This summer will be like none other. My cherished fans of all ages are encouraged to come in their thousands, with each generation present. And together we’ll laugh, reminisce, sing and dance. From singing a sweet melody for small boys and girls, to taking a grandfather on a journey through his beloved village in another, these shows are about your humble Maan performing for all the generations.”


– Ticket details to be announced on Friday 19th April 2019. 


Don’t miss out!