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Gupsy Aujla - My Story ‘Meri Kahani’

Gupsy Aujla – My Story ‘Meri Kahani’

After dedicating ten years of his life to learning the art of Indian classical music, the enigmatic Gupsy Aujla with his third solo album release ‘My Story’ alongside his record label Centresonic Sounds is deservedly positioned to reach great heights in 2008. With the solo album release of Jaswinder Daghamia in the pipeline and with a new ‘Xplosive’compilation, it should be a very lucrative and busy period for the independent label.

Gupsy Aujla - My Story ‘Meri Kahani’

With backing and inspiration from his Tabla teacher, Ustad Narinderpal Singh, Gupsy, who regularly performs alongside many artists, was originally encouraged to showcase his musical talents and passion for music to produce his first album. His large and eager fan base is now ready to receive his third album offering; ‘My Story’ Meri Kahani, a 12 track album featuring some of the big names in the industry that include Lember Hussainpuri, Sudesh Kumari, Cheshire Cat and continuing in his tradition of showcasing new talents that includes the talented Jaswinder Daghamia and Ravi Duggal.

In keeping with Gupsy’s desire to fuse new flavours, this new album remains exceptionally progressive, meticulously forming a hybrid of western music and Bhangra. The moods shift effortlessly between upbeat dancers to thought provoking love songs. Undoubtedly some of these songs are a reflection of both Gupsy’s personal and career experiences. Hence we get not just first class progressive music, but also an insight into the artist himself.

Gupsy Aujla is fast becoming one of the most sought after and renowned producers on the Bhangra Scene. He is a talented dhol, tabla and keyboard player and ingeniously uses his creative and innovative style to fuse sounds and cross cultural borders. His new album ‘My Story’ Meri Kahani demonstrates his creative ingenuity, containing influences from Rock music, orchestral sounds and traditional Desi instruments mixed with contemporary western music.

Not content to sit back and lap up the luxuries of his own successes, Gupsy is heavily involved with the impending release of a solo album from Jaswinder Daghamia.


Jaswinder Daghamia is a talented singer with a seductive soulful voice. He has been perfecting classical and dhadi styles of singing for the past sixteen years and with the guidance and collaborative expertise of Centresonic Sounds, he is undoubtedly a star in the making!

Jaswinder has previously featured and added a seductive slant on Gupsy Aujla’s album – ‘AfterShock’, singing hits such as ‘Put Sardaran De’ and ‘Chan Varga’. He will also feature on the forthcoming ‘My Story’ album.

Gupsy, alongside his record label Centresonic Sounds are making huge steps in the often precarious music industry. Their diligence, enthusiasm and abundance of talent and creativity will ensure their rightful accolade and longevity that they richly deserve. Brace yourselves for ‘Gupsy’s Story’….trust me, it is one worth listening to!!

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