Guddu Gill Featuring Daljit Bagga released worldwide.



Amar audio and Daljit Bagga presents “Meri Maa” a very emotional song. It’s a story of a son who came to UK for better life. Guddu Gill well known singer in the pujabi industry, his few famous hits are ‘Sangdi, Lottery, Gulabi Chunni’ with Miss Pooja. Meri Maa is Daljit Bagga’s debut song as a writer and producer. Meri Maa is composed by Lalit Dildar.

Singer – Guddu Gill

Lyrics – Daljit Bagga (UK)

Music – Lalit Didar

Video- Simer Pangli

‘Meri Maa’ is released worldwide by Amar audio on 13th May 2016.