Groundshaker 2

Groundshaker 2 Album Review

Track 2 – Sher Punjabi


Starts off with G-Money flying into the track with is top mc’ing which blends in straight away, then the voice of Nirmal Sidhu kicks in. it reminds you off “Tharti Hilde” a bit because it is a fast track and the beats are fast, which is sure going to be a track for the bhangra lovers on any dance floor, I guess any Aman Hayer album would have it’s first banging track to start off the album I think this track will be the highlight of the album.


Track 3 – Ik Vari Haa


Well what can I say about this track, with the fresh voice of Jayshree this track is sure to be hit just like Dil nai lagda was on groundshaker 1. It starts off very slow but then it kicks in, I am sure this will become a hit in few months time. I must say the lyrics are just fine for both voices, so overall, Master Saleem and Jayshree have done a top job.


Track 4 – Chargai


Starts of just as any other Jazzy B track would with its fast beats pumping in straight away, I thought this would be the highlight of the album in my eyes it could have been a bit better oh well still think it will be a hit in a club, it has it fast moving beats in and out of the track.


Track 5 – Puch Bhabiye


Puch Bhabiye is a typical Punjabi track which has some good lyrics by Rommy Gill, I think this song will be a all around hit on any wedding and party dance floor, as being a Rommy Gill fan myself I must say his voice fits the track and the sound and the beats used by Aman Hayer.



Track 6 – Vekhi Lagdi


The first time I flicked through the album this was the track got me, because of the voice of “Aman hayer” its not always that you see a music producer singing on there own album, personally I think that Aman has a great voice this track is similar to a track done by the music man “SHINDA”, also with the background voices of Apache Indian and Hard Kaur the track has got some potential witch should do well overall a top job by all of them.


Track 7 – Je Naal Nachunga


Another top track from Angrej Ali, yet again Aman Hayer has used his trademark beats as he did in the groundshaker 2 with the voice of Angrej Ali. A nice fast beat track with the excellent voice of ali to go with it, starts off slow then it kicks right in the Dhol fits right in to the track which does justice to the voice on Mr Ali.


Track 8 – Chak Dow Ge


This track start off with intro, just a bit like the Soorma track by Jazzy B which is a fast moving track yet again, I have to say when the Dhol kicks in the tune gets heavy, it caught me at surprise at first, you always expect Aman Hayer to drop a pure Punjabi track like this on all of his albums, overall a solid track.


Track 9 – Dil Lab Ne


From the start of the track you can tell it’s an Aman Hayer production, with the vocals of Kaka Mohanvalia. Personally as I was flicking though the track I thought this would be the highlight track of the album, just as Kaka did in “2 Much Glassy” overall a good track nothing special.


Track 10 – Nair Operi


Yet again this is a pure desi track with some good lyrics to go with it like I said in the other Angrej Ali track, this has a deep desi vibe to it which will make you sing along as u listen to it a few times.


Track 11 – Ne Kudiye


Personally I had to listen to this track twice its not the everyday bhangra track that you would get on album like this, you would think it’s a Yudhveer Manak and its going to be something good but this was a let down I just couldn’t get into it overall not my kind of daal. lol




Track 12 – Laal Phulkari Nali


When I was getting to the end of the album the tracks were letting me down just as track 11 did, with Manjit Puppu on the vocals I thought that this would be a good desi track but yet again it was a let down which could have been a bit better, but nothing special in my eyes.


Track 13 – Gabhru Shakeen (Desi Mix)


Well we have all herd this track before which was earlier produced by Aman hayer a wile back, this time around the great man him self has added a few more fast moving beats which includes a faster dhol, at the end of the day it’s a all time favourite with the voice of Lehmber Hassianpuri.


Track 14 – Sadi Jind Jaan


A nice way to end the album with a nice slow love song, yet again Aman Hayer has used so nice vocals for this track with the smooth voice of Jaz Dhami.


Overall groundshaker 2 was top, I know a few people aren’t going to agree with me, but I guess that’s there kind of taste in music, best track for me has to be “sher Punjabi” One thing that got me was how come Feroz Khan wasn’t on the album??? Maybe Aman Hayer is working on something in the future with Mr Khan. Hmmmm

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