King G Mall presents the Inspiring Arts Awards

 Gurcharan Mall, now widely known as King G Mall – is one of most respected and charismatic musical personalities in the Bhangra Industry anywhere in the world.




Gurcharan Mall, now widely known as King G Mall – is one of most respected and charismatic musical personalities in the Bhangra Industry anywhere in the world. His talent, achievements and persona epitomize the core roots of Bhangra. In the last few years he has decided to give out awards to musicians that he feels deserve recognition.The motto of the awards is Music Builds Bridges, King G Mall feels strongly that the musicians do not get the full recognition that singers and is trying to balance this out by awarding the Dhol Players, most of whom he has taught and they call him’ Ustad Ji’.




This year the awards ceremony took place last night in West Bromwich, The Inspiring Arts Awards were hosted by another Bhangra Pioneer, Mr Tarcholan Singh Bilga (TSB) who was part of Bhangra group Golden Star, which was a starting block for Malkit Singh.



Numerous awards were given out last night, including one to Masterclass Tabla player Juggy Rihal who few weeks ago performed an outstanding closing piece at the Sikh Awards in London. Juggy made a long speech thanking King G Mall, he said “There are very few icons in this world that have THAT Midas touch … Very few who jump and who are blessed to consistently land on their feet DUE to a clear conscience..,, and very few who give and share but never expect anything back… 

The almighty one has sent a selected a hand full on this earth to fullfil that duty ……

One of Gods true disciples who has been blessed with spreading first of all the word and meaning of love and respect and then the gift of spreading knowledge and wisdom is with us today.
A GENIUNE pioneer and ICON to us all..

The one who we have all BEEN motivated and inspired by to achieve and succeed in reaching our goals.
The one who has given us comfort in times of need.
The one who has succeeded in bringing us together.
The one who has put things right that would could never have been thought possible.
The one person that has inspired millions and the one who I look up to as a father figure and placed my hands on my livelihood today.

That one person is doing something today that millions should be doing for him.

May we all show our respect and gratitude and love for ..


I can only but thank for your priceless contribution not only to the world of music but to this world of humanity..





Another award went to master drummer  Jonny Kalsi, founder of the the Dhol foundation.


Female Rani Taj who is a British Pakistani Dhol player from Birmingham, and has also been been trained by King G Mall and was given an award last night.


At the end of the Inspiring Arts Awards. King G Mall gave out some special awards to media companies that he thinks have played a positive part in promoting and covering Bhangra Events. Punjab2000 is  honoured to this  recieve this award. I collected the award on behalf of our team.


These are some of the highlights from last nights event, the full set of photographs can be found on our Punjab2000 facebook page