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Gig Review – Sukshinder Shinda Dinner and Dance

Myself and Vijay representing the P2K gig team went down over the weekend to check out the Vasakhi 2006 dinner and dance at Prajpathi Community Centre in Leicester feat. Dj’s Kikli Roadshow, the Dhol Enforcement Agency and ‘the music man’ himself, Sukhshinda Shinda. 8-)

Now, at first glance, I swear, we felt like we had walked into a wedding reception !! ::) ??? The tables all had a coke bottle and juice carton in the middle, the girls were all in their colourful suit salwars and long gutha ;), the guys were sitting around in groups on tables with the standard ‘no women’ can sit here policy going on :P……..we just couldn’t find where the married couple of the nite were…… ??? ;D

Finally, after adjusting to the impact of the walk in, we found the wedding couple on the stage….aka DJ Sukhi and DJ Raj (Kikli Roadshow) playing out some laid back Bollywood tunes on a professional rig as the guests were slowly filling up the venue ……with all due respect, it was a sweet set up with a cool atmosphere from the buzz of the people which made it suitable for youngsters and famlies alike…

Our next mission was to ‘beat the Q’ to the food but Vijay said, ’Baja, let the guests go first’ and I thought, ‘bloody hell…..I swear we’re at a family party or something’….all jokes aside, the catering was fantastic and was right for the type of event it was….

At 9pm, Kikli Roadshow got the the party started with some fresh Bhangra anthems including De De Gera, Das Ja, Captain Bhangra Da and Rahe Rahe Jaan Walihiye 8-)…..most of the youngsters pretty much got thir ‘bootys’ onto the dance floor and did some moves that even I didn’t know the body was capable of doing !! ::)

Around 9.45pm, the DEA (Dhol Enforcmnt Agency) took their position on stage and blasted an awesome performance made up of around 10 Dholis, an Electric Drum Machine, and lead by the teams Mentor, Indy Singh on flutes…definitely something different from the norm so keep your eyes out for thess guys who really have made a name for themselves in a short period of time…. :o :D

Kikli Roadskow continued the vibe straight after with some heavy desi and urban bhangra licks for one and all….this took us up unitl 10.45pm. After much anticipation and waiting by the crowd, and an ‘offical’ intro, Sukshinder Shinda came onto the stage (with an almost Michal Jackson-esq look !!) and the look on the crowds faces was more than happy :D ;D……with a Dholi to accompany his PA peformance, Shinda started his set with ‘Akhian’, and rocked it for the next 45mins with a selection of his other tunes including ‘Pyar Hogiya', 'Balle', 'Boliyan', 'Phul', 'Soyniye', 'Rangla Punjab' and the massive ‘Punjabi Clap’. His performance was very much geared up towarads intercation with the crowd, both young and old, which gave it him that edge over many other artistes…. :)

The girls were happy, the guys were lovin’ it, the promoters were smiling, and P2K’s Vijay was taking photos of himself looking in the mirror !! :P

Mr Shinda ended his set on a high note and proved he’s not just a sought after producer in the industry, but also an all round singer and entertainer of equal calibre. 8-)

The evening hype of performances phased out into the last hour of Punjabi dance music by Kikli Roadshow…….so on behalf of the P2K gig team at around 12.30pm, we called it a night and drove off thinking…….Shinda, you ‘the music man’ !! ;D 8-)


Baja :D

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