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Gig Review - New Adventures of Jassi Sidhu - Album Launch Party

Gig Review – New Adventures of Jassi Sidhu – Album Launch Party

Asking around, I was told the reason for the delay was trying to get a day where both Jassi & Malkit Singh (MBE) were both free, and this was the earliest date as both had gigs & tours around the world, so it was not down to box standard typical Desi timing for a change.

Bhangra Legends

Getting started with the night was Xs roadshow who where also the dj's in between most of the acts.First act up was Aman Hayer with a DJ slot, which started of with Sher Punjabi from his album Groundshaker 2 and then went on to play tracks from all his different albums inc the new one by K S Makhan, which had the crowd going quite well considering it's a brand new album.

Now to top it all of Aman grabs the mic & goes to the front of stage to finish of with singing Vekhi Lagdi & had the crowd rushing forward to get pictures.

Next up was Silinder Pardesi who sang a couple of tracks from his latest offering, Hey Soniye & Mahi Vey both of which were produced by Rishi Rich, who was suppose to go on stage with Silinder, but kept getting pulled back for pictures by members of the crowd……..Now in between all of this the starters were getting served, so as not to be left out, we decide to have a bit of munch ourselves.

Anyway next up was Mr Smiley himself & former member of Apna Sangeet K S Bhamrah, due to the time restriction, he only managed to get to sing 2 songs.

Starting of with the classic Mera Yaar Vajay Dhol -from the album Mera Yaar & then on to the  classic Makhna Hay Oi (ok so I can't spell it properly, but you get the gist of it) produced by his very own son Dipps Bhamrah (as in him wth the loud mouth who thinks he's a presenter on the BBC Asian Network, JOKE!!!!! You know I don't mean it Dipps, whenever you read thisInnocent )

Up next was the former other half of Apna Sangeet Sardara Gill again due to the time factor only managed to get 2 songs in as well.

Now at this point I was al over the place like a yo yo, so all I can remember was him singing Apna Sangeet Vaje Apna Sangeet & Soho Road, which I know keep all the Birmingham people happy.
Before I go any further, for those of you who never saw Apna Sangeet before they split, perform you have no idea what your missed out on.

I have said this time & time again, Apna Sangeet, Alaap & DCS have always been my favorite bands on the live scene, the amount of energy these 3 bands had on stage was amazing.KS Bhmarah & Sardara Gill of Apna Sangeet have decide to put the band behind them & to work on there own solo projects.

KS Bhmarah & Sardara Gill of Apna Sangeet have decide to put the band behind them & to work on there own solo projects.

So with no disrespect to the bands of today, if you have never seen the likes Of Alaap, DCS Or Heera for that matter perform, I suggest you do, as you've no idea what your missing out on.Anyway back to the next performer, up comes H Dhami.
At this point nearly every young male & female, made there way to the stage (Well the one's that were not already there).

H had the entire place rocking, and held his own ground against the senior artiste that had performed before hm, which is by no means a easy thing to do.
Performing Sadke Jaava, Mittran Di Jaan & another track which I can't remember now, but what he did do in between his tracks was to let everyone know
that his father is Palvinder Dhami, from the legendary Heera group, he then went on to perform one of his dads track "Dowain Jaaniya" and had the entire crowd singing with him, before finishing of his performance with one of his own tracks from his forthcoming debut album..

Jassi Sidhu & Malkit Singh
Finally we get to the man the entire night was about , the One N Only Jassi Sidhu. I was beginning to think he was never gonna show up on stage.
Staring of with Ki Kehneh Minus Malkit Singh, (I thought this was a bit werd, as Malkit Singh was still around) then onto Amma Ni Amma Sohni Laugdi from his latest album, Jassi went on to perform track from all his 3 albums & some of the tracks he dd when he was still a member of B21.
Throughout his performance Jassi was interacting with the crowd & making them laugh, with his comments (You should join our message board mate, we can always use a comedian)…Cool
Just when you think it was time for him to finish & let DJ Vix take over Jassi starts of with Ki Kehneh again, and then Malkit Singh comes onto join him.

The entire place went ballistic!!!
For the next 30 minutes or so Jassi & Malkit had the crowd rocking to Ki Kehneh.
It was like travelling back in time to the good ol days of the live scene before the PA Scene kicked in.

Jassi Sidhu & Malkit Singh

Malkit & Jassi divided the crown into half & got them all singing Ki Kehneh when promted. Malkit went onto do a sing Gur Nalo Ishq Mittah & Tutak Tutak Toothiyan,Hey Jamalo as well.
Finally after both of them sweating bucket loads on stage, they called it a night & let DJ Vix take over for the remainder of the night.

I have to say hand on heart (& and not the fact I get on with Jassi & He's given me a backhander to write a good reviewMoney mouth) that this is one of the best event's I've been to in a long time!!!

Pictures are up on the Photo section, and check out our excusive footage & interviews in the videoInterview sections.
H Dhami Rishi Rich & Juggy D
Another Punjab2000 exclusive is Juggy D is doing a couple of duets as well in the near future.
1 wth Dancehall singer Cutty Ranks & the Other with H Dhami for H's forthcoming album (releasing in July)
Watch out for the interviews with BOTH Juggy D & H Dhami comming soon.