FUSIAN magazine

FUSIAN magazine

Ethnic magazines are some of the fastest growing titles in the publishing industry,
however for the British Asian woman, there remains a void. No single publication
captures her real life – grounded in the grace and elegance of the East whilst
moving at the trendsetting pace of the West.

FUSIAN magazine strives to fill that  void, celebrating her sophisticated style, progressive outlook, and desire for the ultimate that life has to offer.

Filled with exclusive interviews with celebrities, advice on beauty, fashion, fitness and health from our experts, and a wealth of features every reader can relate to,

FUSIAN is the magazine tailor-made for the Asian woman with a difference.

“The first magazine to capture the very essence of being a modern, successful Asian woman

living in the Western world”

FUSIAN magazine


FUSIAN will target British Asian women who have a modern outlook on life, who are educated, well-travelled and professional.
They have a disposable income, are fashion,image and health conscious, open-minded and a step ahead at all times with a need for entertainment consumption.

The magazine aims to serve primarily a niche audience and is the type of publication British Asian women in the 21st Century have been waiting for, for a very long time.

FUSIAN is the perfect vehicle to introduce your brand to these savvy, sophisticated influencers.

“Asian women are part of a minority population with the spending power of £32bn per year”

FUSIAN magazine


Source: Ethnic Labour Report, 2003

Regional Breakdown

Greater London 52% Midlands 30% Northern 10% Scotland 6% Rest of the UK 2%

52% Midlands 30% Northern 10% Scotland 6% Rest of the UK 2%

75,000 Readers every issue 450,000 Impressions a year

Target Audience Breakdown


16-25 30% 26-35 40% 36-45 15% 46-55 10% 56+ 5%

30% 26-35 40% 36-45 15% 46-55 10% 56+ 5%

Social Economic Breakdown

ABC1 75% C2 15% D 5% E 5%

75% C2 15% D 5% E 5%

Gender Profile

88% Female 12% Male

Female 12% Male

Female 12% Male

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