Soho Road To USA

Five Rivers to Five Boroughs

Bhangra culture comes from the Punjab, also known as “the land of five rivers”, a fertile farmland that is still the bread basket of South Asia.  New York whereas, is famously composed of five very different Boroughs; Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Statten Island and the Bronx. The connection between the two; has brought together the concept of Soho Road to the Punjab – From Five Rivers to Five Boroughs.

With the largest Sikh population outside Calfornia and the highest concentration of Indians anywhere in America, Punjabi is in the top ten of the 138 languages spoken locally in New York. Almost half of all South Asians who live in New York live in Queens alone, being one of the most culturally and diverse boroughs.

The Bhangra dance scene and music is very much centred on Brooklyn based DJ Rekha, a musician and entrepreneur, who will be our key partner in bringing Soho Road to the Punjab to the 92YTribeca Centre in Manhattan. This will form at the centre of a season of events, arts and music recognising Birmingham & NYC as hubs of a new world music market.

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