First Pakistani RAPPER to ever make MAINSTREAM RADIO in UNITED STATES! Check out Sullee J Blowing UP

First Pakistani RAPPER to ever make MAINSTREAM RADIO in UNITED STATES! Check out Sullee J Blowing UP

Sullee J, a gifted, unsigned, hip-hop artist from Baltimore, Maryland. Sullee J strives to propel his music into further national and international acclaim. His creativity, confidence, and dedication to his craft have molded him into an exceptional musician. Sullee J captivates listeners with his lyrics, taking them on a journey through compassion, strife and society’s struggles as he vividly portrays life through his music, allowing the listener to escape into a fresh and raw reality.
The overall positivity of his music has already touched a deep chord with his fans around the globe. Audiences from Baltimore and New York, to Norway, Uganda, Ireland, France, Germany, Africa and Russia and more, have gravitated towards him. Sullee J’s optimistic outlook and engaging lyrics make him a unique and formidable rapper in today’s hip-hop scene.

Sullee J’s single’s ‘Nothing Else Matters is currently on mainstream radio rotation on over 50 stations in the U.S., A total of 10 + mainstream radio stations in UK, USA, France, Russia, Uganda, Ireland and Norway are currently airing Sullee J’s singles.


In addition, Sullee J is being heard on over 10 LIVE365 online radio stations such as DJ No Coast To Coast, Deep Flow, Kust Radio and over 55 College Radio Stations. He has performed for large acts in the industry such as, Maino from Bad Boy, DMX, Waka Flocka, Travis Porter, DJ Drama, Cash Money Jay Sean at Spring Jam UIC in Chicago, Mos Def in Oslo City, Norway, Lomaticc, Sunny Brown and Baba Khan in Fairfax, Va, and DJ Whoo Kid in the "Hustle 2 Hustle Lets Build Festival" in Newsport News, Virginia.


Sullee J was awarded national recognition on FOX News and CBS News in July 2009 for his single ‘Billy’s Conscience,’ which raised awareness for Billy’s Disease. The disease is named after Billy Anderson who suffered from an unknown and undiagnosed disease. In June 2009, Sullee J visited with Billy and his family in Oklahoma to promote fundraisers to find a cure while performing ‘Billy’s Conscience’ at various charity occasions. Subsequently, he was praised in a CNN iReport for his charitable work and artistic prowess. Sullee J has also been in several magazines for artist of the week/month such as "One-Ten Magazine (Hard Cover), Urdu Times, Asiance Magazine, Parle Magazine, Hip Hop 4 Real and S.P.I.T. Global, Campus Magazine, King Size Magazine and more."


In January of 2010, Sullee J embarked on a musical tour to Norway and performed at Club Kompagniet and Redd Barna: ‘Save The Children.’ He was the first American rapper to perform at these venues. He was also selected to deliver motivational talks to Norwegian children at the ‘Save The Children’ forum at Redd Barna.. He is currently working on a project with Tony Manshino’s foundation in order to build a school in Port Au Prince, Haiti.


Sullee J is also affiliated and working with Thaakat foundation who has recently raised over $20,000 for the Pakistani flood victims.

Sullee J has firmly established his identity as the voice of positivity in hip-hop today, while quickly emerging as an international rap phenom.