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So I went of & did some work for a change & started taking pictures (alright don't all faint at once).

About 11.45 Envy opened up & DNA started of the night with "Dil Lageya" by Verionca, which had Nishma from Finesse screwing the light bulbs @ the bar :o (Sorry to name & shame).
About 12.30 DJ Resh came on & started his set of & for the next 40 minutes or so, had the crowd rocking from tunes like NE Baliyeh, Chalakiyan to name a few.,

In the mean time in Liquid, R&B SUPERSTAR JOE had just started of his performance.
Now before I go any further, I just wanted to say 1 thing about Joe. Which is "TOP BLOKE"! Unlike certain other US Acts that come over to the UK, Joe was all chilled out & did not make any stupid demands.

He was sitting in the VIP room, and was posing for pictures with members of the crowd, with no attitude what so ever.

Anyway he went on to perform Stutter, Make you My Baby, Ride With You & 1 or 2 more, which he dropped as accepella's.
He was interacting with the crowd & pulled a member up, while I fell for the sob act and got a young lady (Sakhi) I know on stage as well with him.

Just before he left Joe bigged up the promoters & wished them a happy 7th Birthday & promised he be back.
For a act that was only confirmed about 5pm, Finesse pulled it of with Joe as a last minute announcement.

Meanwhile in between taking photos of the crowd, I had to force my way thru the crowd back into Envy.

Got there just as Kam Bhamra was finishing of his set with Ne Baliyeh. I felt sorry for him as he kept choking on the cigareete smoke that was getting blown in his direction & was forcing him to choke on his words.

Meanwhile DNA dropped the tunes again & had the place rocking (not that it stopped rocking).
Now as I was making my way back to Liquid (I was feeling like a yoyo at this point), Heartless crew were smashing it with there set.

By the time I got to the stage they had pulled a few girls out of the crowd to dance on stage with them. At least they pulled out the girls that could dance, then they got a few guys up to so balance it out on stage, but then some of the girls took it on themselves to make it a battle of the Sexes & were trying to cut the guys up.
So at this point I made my exit from the stage.

Overall I have to say it was one of the better nights, I've seen at Finesse.
Plus I managed to get a picture with Joe & a certain Ms Lau asked me for a picture with her
(The Finesse Princess :-*)

Verdict 8/10

Pictures from the night are up on the Photo Section.