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Fateh – watch Full Movie in HD


FATEH is the story of a boy who grew up stuck between never ending clash of his parents and in effect developed a fearful and a weak character. On other side he is a good-looking, intellectual guy and earns a college sponsorship with his learning skills. College life appears like a booster for his life where he makes new friends like TAREEF and BEZTI, who are at the teachers’ age still studying in the first year but remain humorous in all circumstances.

The Gear changes when FATEH meets his childhood heartthrob SEHAJ, dazzling beauty, innocent like him and a violin expert. And in result SEHAJ’s “one side lover” SANGRAM, his classmate and a world open martial art champion comes in his way that entirely transforms his existence forever. SANGRAM makes his life miserable by torturing and ultimately beats him up to the death. Things change when FATEH’s father comes in the way and while trying to save his son but face the same treatment by SANGRAM and his gang as that of his son. That incident transformed FATEH to dead man walking. His family completely broke down in emotions and all.

But on a very blessed day a long lost Sikh martial art “GATKA” master PARTAP comes in his way and saves FATEH and TAREEF from some goons. And after noticing PARTAP’s abilities TAREEF decides to help FATEH to get trained from PARTAP and fights back for revenge.

PARTAP, who was a GATKA champion himself, lost his son young UDHAM way back.From that day on PARTAP lost his existence in dark, lives away from the real world.

TAREEF takes broken FATEH to PARTAP. First PARTAP completely denies their request but then He feels his son UDHAM inside FATEH and finally decides to teach them. But only rule is not to use this art for real fights but only in for competitions especially the coming world open martial arts championship.

PARTAP starts giving them the hard training, the real GATKA training, as harder as possible to give. And FATEH succeeds by covering every hurdle of this hardcore training. PARTAP makes him SINGH and he takes an oath for good human being and god’s fighter.

On other side SANGRAM gets to know all things but takes it lightly. SANGRAM’s father JARNAIL who was also a GATKA champion and running a martial art academy where he killed the sense of GATKA by deliberately teaching wrong methods and preached no mercy but cruelty kind, comes to know that PARTAP is training FATEH who is going to participate in the championship. He gets worried and starts giving his son a harder training but SANGRAM takes it very lightly. JARNAIL trains SANGRAM with terrible and nasty plans.

Finally the time came where FATEH and SANGRAM giving a harder time to their opponents meets in the final fight. This is the fight of Good vs Evil, God vs Devil, FATEH vs SANGRAM and the good always WIN. And that what is the meaning of FATEH.


Producer – Big Visions Films Pvt Ltd.
Director – Jaspreet Rajan
Star Cast -Nav Bajwa, Sameeksha Singh, Yaad Grewal,Gurpreet Ghuggi,Karamjit Anmol, Puneet Issar, Deep Dhillon, Shavendra Mahal, Navneet Nishan And Others
Music – Tigerstyle & Kuljit