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Bhai Jagjit Singh

Farmer Protests interview with Sikh educator Bhai Jagjit Sing

Protests are continuing to grow over controversial new farming laws in India – but the country’s prime minister is refusing to back down.

Demonstrations have been taking place across India and have now spread to many cities around the world, including the UK, America , Australia, Europe and Canada.

Farmers say the three federal laws, which deregulate crop pricing, will reduce their earnings by dismantling the system that guarantees them an income and leave them vulnerable to large private companies.

An interview with Sikh educator Bhai Jagjit Singh from World Sikh Parliament, Khalsa Foundation & Share Charity. He shares various thoughts on the many layers of what’s behind the huge farmer protest is happening at the moment. 1 million farmers have surrounded Delhi, with 250 million supporting them in the India. Millions of Punjabi and Sikhs all over the world have supported the farmers.  This video shares thoughts on different aspects of these protests so that all of us can be better informed in our approach, beyond an emotional reaction.

https://bit.ly/3gA89GO )

#TakeBackFarmLaws ✊🏽
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