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Tigerstyle -

Exclusive Tigerstyle & Bikram Singh Promo’s

Its going to be a B-Side along with "Akh Mastani" to the Digital Single we're releasing next month called "Balle! Shava!". A new Bassline Garage mix of the song (for the Girlies!! to get down to…) will appear on the new album "Mystics, Martyrs & Maharajas" releasing in August.
 The second track is "Ik Waari Aaja" which is the follow up to the now classic "Kawan" from Bikram's "American Jugni" album.
Bikram Singh - Ik Wari Aaja
It will feature on the forthcoming album "Tip Top" releasing July 15th 2008.
It may even end up having a video shot to it, Bikram is still deciding on that yet.
{mgmediabot}http://www.punjab2000.com/mp3/2008/Tigerstyle/Tigerstyle_Promos/Bol_Bol_Bol_Boliyan_Gidha Mix.mp3;http://www.punjab2000.com/mp3/2008/Tigerstyle/Tigerstyle_Promos/Bikram_Singh _Ik_Waari_Aaja_ ft_Gunjan_Produced_By Tigerstyle.mp3|false|50|50{/mgmediabot}