Force 2, brings back ACP Yashvardhan who teams up RAW Agent KK to bring down a master mind terrorist Shiv. The sequel directed by Abhinay Deo promises to pack in as much action as possible in this highly awaited action film.


Q: Sonakshi, you have made action films back-to-back, would you say that you’re in the best shape of your life?

A: Well, I sure hope so. I worked really hard for both these films and I think when you get into a certain routine, I guess it changes you for the better and that’s exactly what has happened to me as well. I got to learn mixed martial arts, I practiced it for Akira and that training came in handy while I was shooting Force 2 as well, doing the action sequences for this film also. So yeah, I like to think that I’m feeling better and fitter, I’m looking fitter than before so yeah, I’m in a very good space when it comes to fitness wise, health wise.

Q: When we talk about fitness, what have been the best moments for you?

A: I think right now, the last time I felt this fit was when I did my first film and I guess I just got stuck into this, shooting films nonstop, back-to-back. I barely had time to work on myself, my body, so I kind of got lost. I use to not give it that much of my attention as I am doing right now and I’m really happy that for these films, I could get back into that routine, train myself and become better. So yeah, I feel right now is the best moment for me, when it comes to fitness.

Q: Is it fair to say that guys are scared of you now because you’re at your most fittest?

A: Well, the guys who are scared of me should not even bother because I want the guys to appreciate it, like you know that girl can kick some ass, that’s cool.


Q: Sonakshi, what was it that appealed to you to do Force 2?

A: The fact that it’s a really nice story, something that has a lot of substance, something that is relevant in today’s time with the things that are happening around in our nation. We started shooting Force 2 a year and a half back and it just holds a lot of importance and relevance today in terms of the content, what the story is about, what we are trying to say about the RAW agent, the spies, two forces that come together to protect the people that are protecting us. So it’s a really interesting and gripping story. Other than that, my character was something that drew me to the film. She is a RAW agent, working in a manhole and she knows how to do her job better than any man. She’s confident in herself, she knows what’s she doing and is an independent girl. So to portray this character on screen was something that really attracted me to the film.

Q: How similar is the character you play to the real Sonakshi? 

A: I think the only difference is that I am not a RAW agent, I’m an actor. Personality wise, yes I feel very connected to KK because she does not take crap from anyone. She knows what’s doing, she is confident, independent, and those are the qualities I think I posses as well so just the fact that our professions are different. Other than that, KK and I are very similar.

Force 2

Q: Everybody is talking about the track, O Janiya and people seem to be mesmerized by you. What are your favourite moment in the movie?

A: O janiya is actually a promotional track we’re using for the movie. It comes in a moment in the film where because I’m a RAW agent, I wouldn’t be able to do it but the makers said I should be a part of it. Other than that, I feel there is this one particular action sequence in which John and I are fighting together and few shots of those are also shown in the trailer. That is very exciting. You’ve never really seen a girl and guy in that fight like that on screen. That is something that is quite refreshing, new and exciting.

Q: John Abraham is known for his action films. Was it competition for you to be in the same frame with him while doing an action sequence? Being a woman, did you feel that you had to prove yourself even more?

A: No, actually I really enjoy doing this because I’ve always been a very athletic person by nature. So, this kind of comes easier to me than most other things. So I feel like it was something I knew I was going to enjoy and honestly in my first action film, when I was doing Akira, I did it all alone. And the fact that I had somebody like John in the same frame as me doing the action alongside, I think that was a big boost, a motivator in fact, to do better and match up to him.

Q: Did you guys share any tips?

A: There’s always opinions exchanged but honestly John is so good at what he does and he was really happy with the way that I was executing the stunts and action so I wouldn’t say tips per say but yeah we were appreciative of each other. And whenever there was something that could have looked better, there would be more takes so yes I think in that way, he’s very supportive as a co-actor.

Force 2

Q: Can you share any memorable behind the scenes moments?

A: Behind the scenes, John is only ever working out. I think he lives in the gym so that is not me. We had a great schedule in Budapest, we were there for 50 days and honestly for me, the best part was packing up and exploring the city. I love to travel, and that’s what I used to do while John used to be in the gym.

Q: So no pranks or playing tricks on each other whilst on set?

A: Not really. There is obviously lots of fun and laughter that goes on behind the scenes because everybody got along so well with each other so that’s about it.

Q: How are you selecting your projects because the films you are doing are very different?

A: I guess it’s just something that came from within. I felt I really want to do stuff that challenges me and pushes me. So I guess that’s the criteria now. The first thing is that the role has to be really good. And of course, the synopsis of the film, whether or not I feel, I’ll be able to put it off, carry it off. If it’s challenging, then its something that I would definitely want to do. I’ve always been instinctive when it comes to choosing my films or if I have a click with it when I hear it, if I don’t then I won’t do it.

Q: Sonakshi, you’ve been shooting in London for your next film project, so what is it you most love about London?

A: I come here every year, at least twice a year. I don’t get to walk around a lot here in Mumbai, but when I travel, I love walking around the city and that’s what I love doing in London as well. And the food of course!

Force 2

Q: Have you ever travelled out of London or just stayed there as you have a big following across the midlands and the north too?

A: Just London. Oh Really, I will have to travel more? Actually one of my biggest wishes is to go bag packing across Europe, I’ve wanted to do that for a while. So, hopefully I’ll make that happen soon.

Q: What else is on your bucket list?

A: Well, I did tick one off, that was to go diving. I did that last year and I’ve been doing it consistently ever since I started because I love the ocean. So I keep doing that, other than that, bag packing is next on my bucket list.

Q: Most of the films that you’ve been involved in, there is always a tag line, always a dialogue that has become synonymous with a Sonakshi movie. What would you say is that dialogue for Force 2?

A: For Force 2, I think the film is based on events that are bit more serious so we can’t really add a punch line for the sake of it. They are very conversational and I think the one thing that stands out is that she is RAW agent and she is making it very clear to this person who’s come in to work with her, John’s character, that homework, preparation and hard work, yeh hai RAW ke kaam karne ka tareeqa. So that one line makes it very clear that she is very serious about what she’s doing and knows how to do it.

Q: John the actor or John, the producer, being one of the producers of Force 2?

A: I think John, the actor because even for a minute he didn’t make anyone feel like he’s the producer.

Q: Why should we go and watch Force 2?

A: Because it’s a great story and in today’s time, it’s become a very important film. People should know what goes on because there are so many people who won’t hear about you and you wont hear about who’re protecting our nation and they are the true heroes and this film actually talks about them. These are the people who are sacrificing their lives and they just go unknown. I guess that message needs to reach out to everyone.

Watch the official trailer of Force 2 here: