EXCLUSIVE Interview with lyricist and actor Jassi Hunjan from Punjab


Jasmeet Panesar caught up with the writer of the new Punjabi music titled SAAH. This song has been appreciated quite well here in Punjab, Jasmeet sat down with Jassi Hunjan. This individual is a rising star who is seeking to pursue his creativity from penning lyrics on paper and having his vision sung by other talents. Here is what Jassi Hunjan has had to say about the start to his journey.

Sat Sri Akal Jassi, please tell the viewers a bit about yourself before we proceed to talk about SAAH? Sat Sri Akal, my name is Jassi Hunjan from India, Punjab. I am currently studying in Bachelor of Commerce from Punjab University. I have a keen interest in writing and acting, which is why I decided I wanted to act in my written piece of work. I love doing this and feel that this is the path I want.

How did you manage to put out a track SAAH? I had written the song SAAH a while back but never managed to get it out on the bigger scale. Thankfully once I met up with music record labels they introduced me to a singer who goes by the name of Amrit Singh. We both built a friendly relationship and our chemistry from paper to the studio built up and felt we worked well as a team. He loved my lyrics so it just took off right from that point. Having a singer like Amrit Singh giving his voice to my work was a great feeling because it proved to me that there are others out there who are liking my work. So from there we decided to make the video as well.

How was the experience of seeing your lyrics being processed into a video as well as acting in it as well? My first music video, it was hard work for sure but worth every single part of it. Zero Budget Productions team whom are a close contact of mines helped to make the video. Working with them was amazing and I gained valuable experience on the acting side. This video was made on a tiny budget but I and the team tried to do our utmost best to make sure the video does justice to the song.

Can we expect more things with the team whom you worked with in SAAH? Of course, I want to work with the same people and build not just a working team but stay as a family so we have good chemistry in working towards other and many more things together. I want to make even better productions with these individuals. We are from Punjab and want to be recognised because we have the passion, talent and hardworking commitment towards the music industry. I just need all of yours and the fans support throughout. Like I said, this is just the beginning.

Who is your inspiration in the music industry? I have so many inspirations, whoever I listen to or watch on the tv screens, i end up loving their music and their ability to do what they are best at. Since I was little I had the love and passion for writing and acting, I would end up falling in love with all kinds of music and artists. In my spare time I would always listen to music and eventually I end up jotting down lyrics to compose a song.

As of right now which artist do you listen to the most? I listen to 2 artist regularly which are Diljit Dosanjh and Amrinder Gill. I just love their music and they are brilliant at it. I would love to work with both these individuals sometime in the future.