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xclusive interview with Bipasha Basu on

Exclusive interview with Bipasha Basu on “Players”

Kieran Tamber from Punjab2000 talks to Model turned actress Bipasha Basu about her new film Players

Exclusive interview with Bipasha Basu on Players

Hi Bipasha, first of all I would like to wish you a Happy New Year.

Thank you and same to you & your readers & website visitors.
How are you?
Oh I’m doing great, Thank you for asking


That’s great. I would like to start off by asking you what interested you to take up the role of Ria for the film ‘Players’?
Abbas-Mustan gave me the role of Ria and I kind of have a loyalty towards them and also I’m a big fan of their films, and I have done pretty much three films with them and the script was so exciting and Ria is such a dynamic character to play that I really had to go for it.


How does the role differ from what we have seen you playing before and tell us a bit about the film?
Well it’s a different story and it’s a different character so it’s very very different and it’s absolutely something that I’ve not done before. It’s a team film where things are done with a bunch of team mates or players and every player is skilled at something and Ria’s character plays a skilled auto-mobile expert and she is one of the finest chic of the business and she is kind of the right-hand of the main master-mind, Charlie, played by Abhishek Bachchan and she’s a total woman and she realises that she can also use her charm to get a lot of things done.


What was it like working with Sonam Kapoor?
Well Sonam is a wonderful girl and we really get along really well and she has done really tremendously as Naina in the film and everybody in the film actually, because it’s a mult-starer it’s very important that every character is cast correctly and Abbas-Mustan has done a tremendous job at it, whether it’s Bobby, Neil, Abhishek, Sonam or myself or Sikander, everybody has done a fine job.


And how was it working with the rest of the cast and crew and how long did it take to film the entire production?
Well because it’s an action film we were actually globe-trotting around the world. We shot in Goa, Auckland, Wellington, Russia, North Pole and then we shot in St. Petersburg. It did take some time and the conditions were very dramatic and it was extremely cold, but when you see it on screen, each place that we went to looks so beautiful and stunning and especially the action sequence we shot in the Arctic Circle in the North Pole looks really really amazing.


Why did u have to get in to the fantastic body shape you are in for the film?


Well wearing a bikini on-screen is tough and because I am a fitness enthusiast for the past five-six years, I stay fit all the time. Still wearing a bikini and making sure the shots are used again and again, you have to look your best in your head first and I wanted to wear it as a pair of jeans, just the way I would want to wear a pair of denims I wanted to wear a bikini the same way. I did get into a bit of an intensive programme of workout which I did for six weeks and a particular diet that I followed for six weeks and my only worry was staying away from sweets and desserts, for six weeks I was quite cranky. I used to get into a bad mood and I wanted my mitai (Indian Sweets) and after the shot I went home and ordered cupcakes and pizzas and I was really badly behaved for the next two days but I think the shot looks great.

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What was your diet and exercise routine?
It’s a beach body workout that I have made myself because I am very athletic and I needed to change my working out pattern because I wanted to look very curvy so I wanted to put on some weight on my lower body, I wanted to tone a little bit of my upper body and I wanted to have really strong abs and so I made a routine. I did a bit of cardio and weight training combo and I worked all around to get the body I wanted to acquire and I went on a diet which was a little low on carbs and very high on protein and a little low on fat.

Generally I’m a big foodie and all my energy that I get is from good carbs that I eat, so sometimes my mood would get cranky because I was on a low carb diet for the first time.

We’ve heard that you’re releasing another fitness DVD called Beach Body Workout, what motivated you to release it and how is it different from Love Yourself?


The first DVD is a girls DVD and the second one I want to do is a unisex DVD which I will be working on In April and for the third one, I know the techniques I will be using but I do not have a name for it yet.
Are there any more DVDs in the future pipeline?
I first have to take out time for the second and third as I have been very busy with my acting commitment but I have signed out for a good 20 days in April because I  like to do all the creations and everything myself so right now I’m going to release these two first.
What other films are you currently working on?
After ‘Players’, my next release will be called ‘Jodi Breakers’ which is my first romantic comedy and it’s with Madhavan and it’s a really cute film where people are into the profession of actually being divorce experts and how they break up couples and they make a lot of money out of it and my character is extremely cute and endearing because she is the kind of girl who believes that two people when they are together, they have to be in love and if they are not in love they should not be together and that is the reason for breaking the couples, because after breaking them apart she believes that one person cannot find love again and her partner, played by Madhavan basically does not believe in love, so just for making money he wants to break the couples because of a past experience in his life.
What genre of films do you enjoy doing?
Well after ‘Jodi Breakers’ I have understood that I have a flair for comedies and I would like to do some more romantic comedies this year.
What are your favourite songs from the film?
I love ‘Jhoom Jhoom’ and I love ‘Ho Gayi Tu’.
Thank you very much, I really appreciate your time. I hope this year brings you much love, happiness and success.
Thank you so much, I hope you & website visitors have a great new year too.

Bipasha Basu on teh Green Carpet at the 2011 IIFA Awards

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