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ENGLISH VINGLISH – film review


The plot of the movie is about how Sridevi the mother for 2 children, is struggling in the family and the society as she can’t speak nor understand English at all and it unquestionably takes a huge bearing on her. She has to fly off to America for her sisters wedding from which she suffers numerous problems due to the language differentiation. She takes up English tuition classes from which she succeeds within and shows her children and husband that she can now speak English, obviously not to the best but good enough for her to live her life. She gets her happiness from this, which turns her world in the right direction with family and friends and just for her life in general.

The script was a very worthy completion by the writer. This is the type of script that can be used to support to the judgement of which made this film into a delightful one. It simply had the viewers left guessing and wanting more. Never once did it feel dragged out and it certainly did not feel as if scenes were being inputted to help the duration of the film to expand.

The cast all had an impact that lured Sridevi to act the way she did around each of these people. She has two children in the film, a daughter and a son who definitely leaves a smiling mark on the audience with his adorable character. Shivansh Kotia who plays the son Sagar, is charming and always brings a smile on the face of Shashi (Sridevi). Her husband on the other hand has a lesser of an impact, maybe due to the role Satish (Adil Hussain) has to play. Another stand out character in the film has to be the beautiful Radha (Priya Anand) who sparkles on screen as well as supports Sridevi on her stressful efforts with hiding the English tuition lessons from everybody.  Amitabh Bachchan plays a cameo that needs no analyses. He was brilliant, such a small role and yet one of the most memorable moments from the movie. Would have been great if he had a much more of a bigger role in the movie but overall it was impressive.

The downfall for the film can most likely come only from the music soundtrack. The songs were okay but they did not seem to have the wow factor considering how much the movie itself had of the wow factor. Majority of the films have that one stand out song that is very emotional, but it never really leaves an impact after watching the film unfold.

Overall, English Vinglish is a must watch film. A family film that gives a thought to everyone whether you can speak English fluently or not, it takes you in to the steps of those who struggle with the language. The characters emotion and the scenarios Sridevi has to stumble across from family matters to the outer world incidents abroad, it really makes you feel sorry for her. In such case, that is the reason why this film does well to make you sympathise with her. Do watch this film, whether you are a child, student, adult, couple, old-aged, no matter what you’re age is, it will give you the insight in ones world.

ENGLISH VINGLISH film rating is 4/5