ENGLISH VINGLISH – film review

She is a centred point of attraction towards viewer. Her acting skills are revealed like “sadma” movie with kamal Hassan and she is back again after 14 years on silver screen.

 She has been addressed to take care of her two kids since last few years as a good mother. She behaves as a good wife like honest, caring and responsible in house chores.  She is supposed to fully devote to her duties as a mother, a wife and a good human being as well in her family. She is also running good business of making snacks and ladoo (round sweet).she got pinched when her husband praised her in such a ridiculous way my wife is born to make ladoo (sweets).

Women are different from men. I noticed shashi is very emotional and get hurt very easily. Women got certain maternal traits such as caring for others, flexibility, non-competitiveness and cooperativeness same like shashi played in this movie.

Feminism is a philosophy in which women fights on her own to get equal rights in this world of patriarchy dominance. Along the years women has been struggling for their rights, equality, respect and the same rights as men in the society .When their husbands dominate and do everything to them pretending to be a patriarchal dominating.

Shashi was so scared to visit foreign country because of her English. It was challange for her to travel alone to face the difficulties .I must say she played very strong and highly challenged as a housewife. Her daughter sapna makes her cry at parent’s day in her school. Sapna likes her dad because he can speak English with her teachers so it’s very painful phase for her.Her daughter is immature and believe in standard and very competitive kind of character which makes shashi upset all the time.

Here feminism highlights on spiritual freedom, intellectual freedom, freedom from invasions of privacy and the insults of degrading stereotype. In English vinglish shashi wants to take the revenge of all the insults and degradation what she faced from her husband and family

Eventually she expected respct from her children and husband although she is not well educated like other modern women in the society.

Once upon a time a Radha came to know about victimized, sad and alone shashi then she starts crying and said” I do not need love just need little respect.”.This dialogue of the story steals the heart and made me emotionally attached with that character of shashi who really stuck with English and cannot get rid of this.

 Perhaps she struggled alot to get crash course to speak English in front of her family .she be friends with her classmates and had lots of fun during the classes. Being alone in strange and massive city like Newyork, she found freedom when her English become good in front of her husband and children. I must say she is a powerful charcter and ideal to housewives who are suffering the same situation. Never give up nothing is impossible; there is no limit of learning anything.

In my view the movie “English vingish” is a feminist film as it has many scenes to be considered as a part of feminist theories.

Rating 4.5/5