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En Karma | #Enkarmafied

“In my opinion, the best bands around the world are not purely defined by their individual superiority, its the unexplainable chemistry of individuals coming together that defines their success.  It’s that team bond that has taken a Canadian band from their beginnings in Vancouver to Worldwide recognition.  It’s the collective desire of this band that has seen them nominated in international award shows, played alongside some of the biggest acts and has allowed them to showcase their talents to a worldwide audience with a Winter Olympics performance.  Who are these men pushing their sound to the masses?  It’s one of the most energetic bands in the Bhangra scene today…En Karma!


The 2010 debut of the Canadian band En Karma was a throwback to the golden era of Bhangra music for the new fan base of music fans.  Their sound, their style and their attitude towards preforming was  inspired by the 90’s UK Bhangra scene.  The band made an instant impact with their debut single ‘Tohar Naal Jeena’ and make Bhangra fans around the world take serious notice. They followed up with an album which sounded true to their live sound and featured collaborations with H-Dhami and K.S.Makhan. Accompanied with some creative music videos and live performances alongside legends like Jazzy B, Malkit Singh, Sharry Mann; En Karma are a band firmly added to the list of great Bhangra bands.

2014 sees the 2nd studio album titled #enkarmafied which brings their trademark sound and so much more.  It’s an album which showcases the musical progression of the band and contains some exciting international collaborations including Aman Hayer, DJ Vix, Sasha Tripati (Bombay), Battle KATT and many more international artists. Festivals, melas and stadiums have their stages clear for En Karma – who are locked, reloaded and ready to unleash their new album.  Trust me when i say that once you’ve experienced it, all you’ll be doing is tweeting to the world that you’ve been…#enkarmafied”

Words: Dipps Bhamrah  (BBC Asian Network)