DVK Group Flying High as it Pioneers Aviation Deal

Global commodity trading and finance boutique company DVK Group is turning its attention to the skies, as it puts in place a plan for its most ambitious business venture to date within the key emerging markets of the African, the CIS region, India, China and other Far East Aviation sectors.

The pioneering project will comprise of the establishment, supply and financing of a fleet of state-of-the-art air ambulances and corporate helicopters, with a key focus area for the organisation also being the private jet and cargo sectors. DVK Group is continuously gearing resources to meet the growing demand in emerging markets such as Africa, as well as strategic geographic regions, which includes China, Hong Kong, India and the CIS region. Within the last quarter DVK has acquired an AOC license for operating rights in Nairobi, Kenya to manage requirements in East Africa. In addition, an AOC license for the Russian aviation company that DVK has invested in has the necessary rights to cater for the CIS region. In May 2012, DVK established DVK Aviation, which will be headed by Jack Raymond, who has over 25 years experience in private aviation, flying high profile dignitaries from the corporate world as well as government heads. Prior to his work with DVK Aviation, Jack also established and managed cargo fleets for other organisations.   

Having already launched the first DVK Group private jet flight from its headquarters at London Luton Airport in April 2012, the UK-based company is now focused on furthering its stronghold on the aviation sectors within Africa and the Far East. The venture would require DVK Group to provide the finance and expertise to successfully establish and manage the infrastructural needs of the operations in Africa, the CIS region, China and other Asian markets. Some of the unique initiatives DVK Group is currently spearheading include: negotiating with key African (MENA Regions) and Far East heads to offer services to the Cargo sector; structuring a Private Equity transaction to take a major stake in an aviation company in the CIS region; and in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, DVK is in negotiations to take over an organisation with licenses already in place.  

The driving force behind DVK Group is its Founder and Chairman Deepak Kuntawala. The renowned company traces its roots back to the 1900s and has been built on a solid foundation of 100 years of international trading experience combined with revolutionary financial and investment know-how. DVK Group encompasses various business interests, including commodity trading, structured trade and commodity finance, commodity trading, private equity, venture capital, real estate, infrastructure, and its newest venture DVK Aviation, which is set to revolutionise the private corporate and hospitality air travel sector.

Some of the Group’s other areas of business include a Hong Kong based trade and commodities finance business which successfully executes around $1m USD worth of deal flow per day on average, as well as an Africa focused Agricultural Hedge Fund, which manages assets of $150mn USD.  

Speaking about the company’s aviation plans, Deepak Kuntawala said: “We will be providing a truly first-class aviation service to our customers, who demand only the best. Aviation, both private and commercial, is very much a professional and intensely licensed industry, and we are keen to continue this, in a similar fashion.”