Dukhan Diyan Haneriyan video

Dukhan Diyan Haneriyan video

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5 Rivers Entertainment Inc. introduces it's new artist Harry Pannu, with the release of Sachai "The Truth"

Toronto, ON, October 31, 2010 – 5 Rivers Entertainment Inc. is proud to announce the release of the highly anticipated solo album of its artist Harry Pannu.  Sachai "The Truth" contains 8 tracks with lyrics by Shammi Jalandhari, and music by Satnam Singh Chatha.  Pannu, a young artist from Jalandhar, Punjab is making substantial noise with a unique tone of voice and heartfelt, meaningful songs.  The music on all 8 tracks is backed by traditional indian instruments, adding authenticity to powerful lyrics about social awareness and about the day-to-day struggles of the masses.  With 4 videos already released for this album, Harry Pannu and 5 Rivers Entertainment Inc. are making themselves known.

The album is available for purchase through itunes Sachai - The Truth - Harry Pannu

5 Rivers Entertainment Inc. is an independent record label, making music in several genres.  With representatives in India, Jamaica and the UK, the label is truly International.  With 5 albums released covering genres such as Hip Hop,Reggae, R & B, Bhangra/Bollywood, and Dance.