‘Drop’ the first release on Liquid Records

‘ Drop ’ the first release on Liquid Records

Medley Album 07/08

Liquid Records






Liquid RecordsP


Medley Album 07/08

Liquid Records

The UK Asian Bhangra industry is fading hard. True desi heads

are turning to the East or having to wait months for their favourite

uk artist’s next release and there’s only a selected few of high

quality. Many labels are launched with the promise of delivering

quality. Many fail to Prepare, most prepare to fail.

Now is the time for bringing all real Desi fans together. Now is the

time for talent, proper talent to be delivered. Our team has been

locked away for the past two years preparing to deliver a

shockwave of light to the UK Asian Bhangra Industry.

Now is the time ladies and gentlemen for Liquid Records.


World famous Northern Lights return to the Asian Music Industry

after 18 months. After the massive success of ‘Sparked,’ Tarv

returns with three tracks on the first release from Liquid Records

all three set to be massive dance floor bangers. Watch out for the

new Northern Lights album ‘Relit’ out on Liquid Records in 2008.

Real Deal is a dynamic duo consisting of RV Narang & Mista H.

Hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne the young producers have been

behind the scene for the past 8 years. Having both been bought up

with musical backgrounds and inspired by the great legends they

felt the need create their own legacy. For the past two years these

two shining stars have been locked away in the studio perfecting

thier skills and mastering their craft, be prepared to be

pleasently suprised.

Watchout for Debut album from Real Deal out in 2008.

Having a great passion for music from a young age, Palli & Nilli

started by getting their foot into anything that had a beat. Hailing

from the Streets of London The DJ duo turned producers, have

taught themselves how to play selected instruments and have

experimented by fusing self recorded samples with music from

across the world to give them a unique sound. Being in the Asian

DJ scene since the new Millennium, Palli & Nilli have been creating

a shockwave within the industry. Their roashow team, Storm

Entertainments, consists of sublime quality, The same applies to

their music. Watchout for Debut album from Palli & Nilli

out in 2008.

Hailing from the darkest depths of the underworld, Dr Ghost is the

most mysterious individual to enter the Asian Music Industry.

Sitting in the darkness and staying in the darkness this producer

aims to control electrifying beats and sounds to unleash upon the

world. Watchout for Debut album from Dr Ghost in 2008.



Sani Surinder is a special talent whos voice raises eyebrows of all

that have heard it. Residing in Punjab India this young man has a

very special future ahead of him. Contributing three tracks to this

compilation, Watchout for Sani’s Debut album in 2008.

Kaka offers his vocal talents to this compilation while currently

having the biggest tracks in the Asian Music Industry, Daru Pe Keh

by Specialist and Tru Skool. His amazing voice is shown once

more with Gabrhu sure to smash the dancefloors through to 2008.

Garima is another special talent signed to Liquid Records waiting

to blow everyone away with her sweet clear voice. Hailing from

the Punjaab India Garima sings two songs on the compilation and

then comes back for a duet with Preet Madanpuria

(Aish – Notorious Jatt) also signed to Liquid Records. Watch out

for both of their solo albums.

Another special talent on Liquid Records, Ludoo provides a dance

floor banger for the compilation. Also from Punjab India Ludoo is

ready to capture the masses with his explosive voice. Watchout

for his album on Liquid Records.

The godfather of bhangra completes an amazing array of vocal

talent packed on this album. The name of this vocalist always

raises interest from all over when appearing on albums and

doesn’t disappoint again with yet another dance floor anthem on

the compilation.