DREAM B3ATS - Nachna Pao

DREAM B3ATS – Nachna Pao

The Music:

DREAM B3ATS not only as a producer but Dholi and Roadshow owner has kept his creative musical flow building with this single release to be the first of many, the promise of his first EP/Album is rumoured before the year ends. Live percussion that has been put down keeps the real feel along with the slight hint of DREAM B3ATS own style, more of this style to be seen in the future releases.
His Debut Single Nachna Pao ft. Major Chanalia, is set to be released on the 30th of August 2012. The Song will also be released with a video, this is promised to hold cheek and meaning for something we all no doubt can relate to when asking someone to dance!

The Trailer:

VISIO Studios, integrated creative agency responsible for creating the trailer have brought to the table a concept which is felt to be modern and showing movement in words to the first 40 seconds for Nachna Pao. DREAM B3ATS the video which is still to come has also a great story packed with fun and cheeky.
“We wanted to use all the 3D tools we have at our finger tips for the trailer, Keeping the 3D aspect simple and ensuring the message gets across” – PJ of VISIO Studios.