Dr Zeus & Kanika Kapoor – The “Baby Doll” fall out

Singer Kanika Kapoor today, refused to acknowledge live on national radio (BBC Asian Network) that Dr Zeus produced or had any involvement with the hit song ‘Baby Doll’ from the film Ragini MMS 2 that stars Sunny Leone.


In today’s BBC Asian Network end of year chart show with Asian Network presenter Suzi Mann, Dr Zeus explained the whole “Baby Doll” situation live on radio after Suzi Mann asked him about it following their chat about the success of his song “Lovely” from the Bollywood hit movie Happy New Year.


“Baby Doll”  has always been credited to the Meet Bros who were credited as producers of the song in the official credits. Dr Zeus took to social media to explain how he was disappointed that his production was not recognised on the song when it was released in February 2014.


Dr Zeus came on the radio to talk about his highlights of 2014, including the success of his song ‘Mittran De Boot’ and other tracks that he’s worked on that are in the charts. He explained how he was not credited for the song ‘Baby Doll’ after Suzi Mann brought up the issue after running through the other 4 tracks he has in the top 40.

Dr Zeus

“To be honest, it’s quite a sad story on my side. To be honest with you I was asked to do this ‘Baby Doll” song, at the time it was called “Barbie Doll” but for whatever copyright reasons they had to change the lyrics at the last minute.

I recorded all the vocals in my studio with Kanika, I produced that whole song and it was a case of the Meet Brothers turned around to me & said ‘We’re the producers of this song’. I said ‘What have you done’? Meet bros said to me that ‘We made the composition’

Dr Zeus continued to explain the circumstances to Suzi Mann. “It’s a law in India that if you’re a composer you’re credited as the producer, but to be honest its these kinda of things that are frustrating under Indian law, that does not make sense to me under English law of music.”

As for “Lovely”. He went on to ask Suzi if there was anything on that track, that sounds like Vishal-Shekar have done? Vishal-Shekar co-wrote a little bit of the verse on Lovely, but that’s it.

“I explained the Baby Doll scenario to Shah Rukh Khan and he said I would not only get credited and would get paid and he would shoot a remix video with me. It still hasn’t happened coz he’s a very busy guy and I can appricate that. There’s a load of things that get said to you in Bollywood and it should be explained in a clearer term. It’s all good and to be honest with you I can’t complain, when it came to the “Lovely” launch Shah Rukh called me and Kanika on stage.”


Dr Zeus & Kanika Kapoor reunite for Lovely

“I still got to appreciate what has happened for me, in this whole Baby Doll & Lovely scenario. Hopefully I feel I’m making an impact in Bollywood, touchwood. I have loads of tracks that are just me & I have some big backers out there.”


Kanika Kapoor

Kanika Kapoor was interviewed shortly after to talk about ‘Baby Doll’ as it was the #1 track of 2014 on the BBC Asian Network Chart Show with Suzi Mann. After Suzi asked Kanika how she felt about Dr Zeus not being credited on the track, she stated that she did not know about Dr. Zeus’s claims about producing Baby Doll.

“I actually don’t know what you’re talking about, no I don’t think so, that’s not the right thing. The track was produced, composed right in front of me in the Meet Brothers studio, in India, in Mumbai.

It was written by Kumar and it was done in front of me, if they took some help on music production from Zeus, then that’s between them two. It was certainly not produced by Zeus, no no.

You cannot credit somebody for the wrong thing. It was composed, the song, the melody everything, the lyrics and credit firstly goes to Kumar who wrote the song.

What made the song was the lyrics that was written by Kumar, “Yeh Duniya Pittal Di’

The composition was done by Meet Brothers in front of me in their studios in Mumbai. With due respect to Dr Zeus”.

When asked if she will be working with Dr Zeus again, Kanika said yes. “We have some tracks coming, he’s very busy with his work and I’m also busy with my work, but I’m sure something is coming, I’m sure we will work together again soon.”


Kanika Kapoor then took to social media to attack Dr Zeus but went on to delete her tweets except for the tweet below, where she says “It takes a lot for women to speak up! A Lot!”



The  twitterverse went crazy as people came out to attack & defend both Dr Zeus & Kanika Kapoor.
The interesting point is that both Fateh & Roach Killa defended Zeus saying they were involved in one way or another with Dr Zeus, on Baby Doll (Barbie Doll) from 2013. Since posting this, the tweets have been deleted including the Instagram post by Roach Killa.

Check out the videos & make up your own minds.



Recently another video has been doing the rounds over the last month, a group of singers are singing in Balochi, to the exact same melody of “Baby Doll”. Although the video has only been around for a little while but some are claiming it’s the original version.


There is little doubt that “Baby Doll” is a massive hit and will continue to be a popular dance number for a long while yet.

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