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** DJ Vix | Identical 2 None | Official Vixy Review **

DJ Vix | Identical 2 None


Dj Vix


The King Of Dhol and Bass is back to Vix It Up, to prove beyond doubt he is Identical 2 None, yes yes Mr DJ Vix is back, with a fresh new look, and sound.. The Sunglasses are still there, the VIX Chain is there, and also… the Dhol and Bass is still there but with a vibe to it never heard before. Identical 2 None is the third installment from East Londons very own DJ Vix, and here is Punjab2000’s number one Bhangra Review Man, Vixy (No relation in anyway to Mr Vix himself :-D).


Track One:

Pranda (Manjeet Pappu) Produced By DJ Vix.

This is a track which is impossible to listen to with the volume up half way! U HAVE TO TOTALLY BLAST THIS TRACK! Possibly the best track of 2007 so far, Vix doesn’t pull any punches with this track, as the vocals are strong, the music reflects his intentions, and the dhol and bass is crunked up to the max. First time I heard this track on the promos, I wasn’t to keen on it, but as time went by I have really grown to love this track, Absolutly Fantabulous!

Pranda Rating: A Massive 10/10!


Track Two:

Nah Chahidee (Lehmber Hussainpuri) Produced By DJ Vix.

Powerful Track! But… familiar sound, Tin Cheeja, but with a different vibe. Whatever it is, it sounds good and is yet another good track, lehmber sounds his usual hyped up self lol, and the music is up to the standard of which we expect from DJ Vix. Another track which I will be blasting In my rickshaw! Top Stuff.

Nah Chahidee Rating: 9/10!


Track Three:

Meri Jaan (Shubhra & Takeover Ent) Produced By DJ Vix.

Nice mellow track, is different, not the kind of track I’d listen to on a normal day, but its growing on me, not a track I’d skip past in anyway, but slowly im getting into the groove of it. Nice beats, Gib has thrown his trademark all over the track as always, and Shubhra’s voice as heavenly as it always has been. Nice Track.

Meri Jaan Rating: 7/10!


Track Four:

Jatt (Manjeet Pappu) Produced By DJ Vix.

Jatt….. Sounds a lot like Mode Te Bandoook…. But… Im Not One to complain! I Love it. Such a different sound from Mr Vix, a very powerful dhol, and strong vocals, proper desi feel to it, definatly one to savour while eating your makki di roti, and a cold glass of lassi, lol. Good Stuff.

Jatt Rating: 9/10!


Track Five:

Tappe (Lehmber Hussainpuri) Produced By DJ Vix.

Now this is something special! An amazing track, a track which has such an old school style to it, but also is a totally modern track (If u get me?), listen and find out! Lol. But a good track, a track to blast, repeat, and blast again.

Tappe Rating: 10/10!


Track Six:

Puchna (Bhinda Aujla Feat Mc Lyca) Produced By DJ Vix.

Bhinda Aujla and Vix have yet again come up with a banger! A brilliant track, definatly a track which is played by the DholNBass Roadshow! And all the roadshows around the world for that matter! A great track, great vocals yet again from Bhinda Ji, and brilliant sounds which totally compliment the track. MC Lyca mc’s just the right amount, not a track where “The mc Ruins it” Far from it, with this track. Love It!

Puchna Rating: 10/10!


Track Seven:

Jawani (Manjeet Pappu Feat Priya & MC Lyca) Produced By DJ Vix

The beginning bit sounds like… Jhalak Diklaja! Lol, but the rest of the track sounds good, Priya sounds as sweet as ever, and Lyca again providing his scope on things. Nice sound to the track, arabiany sort of thing… But altogether good track.

Jawani Rating: 8/10!


Track Eight:

Chit Karda Remix (Harbhajan Talwar) Produced By DJ Vix

Now where have I heard this track before…. Hmmm… Oh Right when I was a bacha! Lol. A classic track, and this remix doesn’t damage that in anyway, the old track hasn’t been totally wiped out, still has that chit karding feeling in the back, and forefront too! With some hectic beats implemented into the amazing sounds of chit karda. Well Done, Well Mixed, Well Vixed, This Just Shows… The Chit Is Still There To Make The Mu Mitha! (lol How Random!)

Chit Karda Remix: 10/10!


Track Nine:

Punjabian Da Tauhr (Surinder Shinda) Produced By DJ Vix.

Ai Hai! Pull Out A Glass… Jump Onto The Tractor….. Attach The Woofers……. And Blast This Track Around The Pind! Damn Good Track! Proper Proper Desi, excellent tracks, excellent production, levelled with the amazing presence of Surinder Shinda. “Punjabian Da Tauhr Vakhra!”.

Punjabian Da Tauhr Rating: 10/10!


Track 10:

Desi Bonus (Bupinder Bubbel) Produced By DJ Vix.

From The Previous Album, Vix It Up, an excellent track which stood out from that particular album.  And a fitting finish to this album, sit back… reminisce….. and enjoy true desi boliyann.

Desi Bonus Rating: 10/10!


DJ Vix Identical 2 None | Final Word

What can I say… an excellent third album…… great music…… great choice of vocalists for each track…… definatly had much thought gone into it…… Whether it’s Pranda, Nahi Chahidee, Meri Jaan, Jatt, Tappe, Puchna, Jawani, Chit Karda, Punjabi Di Tauhr, Or The Desi Bonus… There is literally something for everyone in this album, Mr Dj Vix Ji Has Once And Offically Proved He Is…. Identical 2 None.

Overall Rating Of Identical 2 None:  A Vixy Uppy 9/10.


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