DJ Q interview @ Miss Bassline

So how did the track come about?

I produced the track, did the instrumental. I’ve known MC Bonez all my life, so it made sense to work with him. So he was freestyling over the track one night, and came up with the “U Wot” hook, and from then it just stuck. It’s wicked that it’s got everyone in the club going.

How did you first get into bassline?

I’ve always been into the UK Garage scene, from early ’96 onwards. From that, I got into 2 step, and from that I found speed garage, and bassline came from that.

Who were your heroes of the scene and who did you look up to?

Shaun Banger Scott, Nev Wright and Jamie Duggan, I looked up to them and I still do. Playing this gig with them tonight is great, because it was my dream to be one of the elite DJs of the bassline scene, and now I’m here.

So I keep hearing people asking what the difference between garage and bassline is – what do you think it is?

Bassline was made up north. There are certain guys trying to claim that it was made in London – f**k that! It’s a purely northern thing, it started at Niche in Sheffield, moved down further into the Midlands. London did not make it!

Where will you be this summer?

Ayia Napa, Kavos and Malia. It’s great playing abroad because it’s like playing here but with hot weather. Also, for people that are hearing the music for the first time, or are new to the scene, you get to educate them. You get artists like Jamie Duggan and Skepta wanting remixes from you after they’ve heard you over there.

Finally, any tracks that you think will be big for this year?

I think that Burga Boy has got some songs that are going to get a lot of attention, Ideals too, and Sub Zero’s track “Be With Me” featuring Sacha will make it big too.